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how can someone listen to 21 days 7 hours of music in 7 days?

[url removed by staff - please refrain from linking to user profiles in the forums and accusing them of "cheating" or "rigging the system".  If you wish to report someone for violating our community guidelines you can do so here.]
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Posted 2 years ago

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By Scrobbling from multiple devices or manually bulk Scrobbling for various online tools. "Cheating" Scrobbles is very common. The return of the Top Listeners page and addition of Last.week stats really highlight just how many users Scrobble an impossibly high number of tracks. Unfortunately, Last.fm don't seem to be interested in moderating it. 

It's worth noting that there are also commercial accounts (like sl_bg) with many millions of Scrobbles. This one, in particular, is a combined network of jukeboxes Scrobbling to a single account. There are also numerous radio stations.

Implementing a hard limit on Scrobbling has been discussed in the past but nothing has been done so far. Personally, I'd like to see a limit on Scrobbling or consequences for abusing the system. There are many accounts out there with hundreds of thousands of Scrobbles for individual artists. They plague the Top Listeners page and damage stats across the website.  
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I wish people would stop directly linking people's profiles when they have this problem, leaving them open to abuse. You can address the issue without doing that. I hope the last.fm team do something about this problem first tbh.

Also, as someone who regularly has to bulk upload scrobbles from my ipod at the end of each week or month, and as someone who recently created a new account and had to use Scrubbler to upload my itunes plays, sending 50,000 plays to my account in one day, I would be incredibly annoyed if someone assumed I was faking and linked me here.

I looked at the account you linked and they've had it for a long time, so the high scrobbles don't seem unusual to me. And their last 7 days plays aren't very high, they're pretty average for someone who regularly listens to music. There are people abusing the system out there, yes, but I wish people would quit jumping to conclusions about specific people and posting their accounts here.
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Agreed. I do almost all my listening on portable media devices that don't scrobble, so I just play tracks on mute on my computer when I get home. That means the play times in my profile are both completely inaccurate and quite sporadic. One week I may have songs playing straight through for most of the week; the next week, it'll be very little in comparison. But I've either listened to or will be listening in the near future to everything in my profile.

Weird scrobble times don't mean people are faking their stats. And frankly, I feel the last.fm dev team has much bigger problems to worry about. We still don't have groups. It's been almost two years. I'd rather see missing features restored before things like this are addressed; fake scrobbles are pretty inconsequential in the scheme of things. Apart from top listeners, they barely affect anything on the site.
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>>>I wish people would stop directly linking people's profiles when they have this problem, leaving them open to abuse. You can address the issue without doing that. 

^Exactly this. The only reason I'm not deleting this thread is so people can read your response.  There are lots of valid reasons this can happen, including technical errors with your scrobbling client.  I won't tolerate witch hunting on this forum -- it 100% goes against the community spirit of Last.fm.

As we've said many times over the years, contrary to popular belief, this behaviour has an almost negligible impact on the global stats, and as far as we're concerned, people who try to game scrobbling are only cheating themselves.  Nevertheless we do plan to cap daily scrobbles at some point to mitigate the very rare cases where people are scrobbling millions of tracks per month.   As for people trying to game Top listeners, sure, that's something we can have a think about, alongside people who game image voting with multiple accounts. 

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