Sad and frustrated with new design

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this isn't the first website i've been a member of when they've redesigned, and there are always cries of "bring the old version back", etc. - so i am trying to take a measured tone here. i knew this was coming and will try to make the best of it, but i have to say that the things that made a favorite place for me (and honestly, i was on the site multiple times per day) seem to have been taken away.

i do not use to play music. i use it to track and catalog the music i do listen to. i use it to keep track of upcoming shows. i use it to learn more about artists and try new music based on my browsing.

but most importantly, i had a profile page that was mine. it displayed the things i listened to in the way i wanted them to be displayed - in my case, that meant that i could see a fairly large list of the recent artists, albums, tracks, etc. i had a collage of album art from recent scrobbles on the right hand side. i could easily look at past scrobbles and see what friends had listened to.

there does not appear to be any way to change the way things are displayed on my profile right now, and it's so ugly and limited - only showing the top 5 artists and albums? obviously there is no area to display my album cover collage anymore (so sad - i loved that thing!), or the other things i had on the sidebar that made my profile "mine".

one specific that jumps out is the lack of album art throughout the site - you used to see it next to recent scrobbles, now there is nothing there - and when you dig into the library more there's just grey icons instead of art...

i've waded through some of the current threads about the new site and the official responses say things about old features coming back - it's baffling to me why you'd move over to the new site without these things in place, but whatever... the other thing i see is that profile customization is "under consideration". that is pretty depressing to hear - the most important part of the site to me sounds like it's being swept under the rug.

anyway, i wanted to say my piece. i have been here for 9 years and a subscriber for most of that time - one of my favorite sites ever. i'm in no hurry to walk away from over 300k scrobbles so i will, like i said, try to make the best of it - but boy is it going to take some work. i hope you're listening to people like me and consider the folks that don't use this as a platform to listen to things rather than display what they do listen to in their own way.
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  • frustrated

Posted 4 years ago

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Whether you use this site to listen or to display, it still sucks.
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I totally agree w/ u. I used the site kinda the same way. Now it's all almost gone.
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That's all measured and reasonable, Trevor. Having thought about it, I'm kinda surprised that they rolled out the new site minus some of the features you've mentioned. I can live without most of them but I would have thought that prior to going live, the developers would have given users more immediate meat to play with. I mean, they will have known that they were going to receive piles of complaints but if they'd gone live with more of the features they intend to bring back, there probably wouldn't have been so much negative responses. It's therefore in the best interests of the Last FM team to bring back these features as quickly as possible. At the very least, they'll need to demonstrate that progress is being made. I, like you, have no intention of removing myself from the site. I'm a subscriber too but only for the last five years. Although I've no intention of deleting my subscription either, I think it would be helpful if the bods at last fm told us what benefits there are to subscribers. I understood what these benefits were before but it's hard to see what they are at this present time. They'll have to sort that out. Not, I hasten to add, to satisfy me, but to satisfy anyone who might be thinking iof purchasing one or for new users.
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I feel like you too. My page of was really MY page, i mean. It was full of quotes from my favourite songs and great HTML plug-in, now it's all gone. I really feel sad, i had a sort of connection with that page. I will never understand this modern need to always make everything more banal, like the latest Windows and a bunch of other sites i know. Last.Fm was perfect with that simple but perfect design, very intuitive and full of great things, now i feel like on a common site that displays random music, i feel lost :'( 
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