Scrobbles stuck in cache and won't submit (and how to troubleshoot problems with the client)

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If you're finding that your scrobbles are stuck in cache, and won't resubmit, please try the following:

First, please check, to see if the scrobble submission servers are online or any problems have been reported by the team. For example, ifSubmissions is Critical, that means there's a problem with scrobbling, and your tracks will be cached until the service is restored. This is normal and the intended behaviour of the caching service.

If there are no service announcements, and you can still scrobble to your profile with other scrobblers, then the issue is probably with the cache file itself. Specifically, we've found that invalid artist names may prevent other tracks from scrobbling (e.g. podcasts).

We are looking into this problem; but in the meantime there are three workarounds you can try:

1. Uninstall the desktop scrobbler, and then reinstall it. 
2. Locate and delete the cache file. 
3. Locate the log file, and edit the cache file manually in a text editor 

1. The simplest solution is to reinstall, however, you'll lose any scrobbles cached up to this point. You can always resubmit your scrobbles manually with universal scrobbler:

2. Alternatively, you can delete the cache file. This will have the same effect as above (and will also delete cached scrobbles), but saves you having to needlessly uninstall/reinstall the program. 

You can find this file here:

C:\users\ user's name \App Data\Local\\cache\username_subs_cache.xml

App Data is hidden by default. If you can't find it, enable"Show hidden files, folders, and drives" from the view tab under "Organise > Folder and Search options".OS X:
[harddrive] /Users/Username/Library/Application Support/

To access the library, open the Finder, and then press and hold down the Option/alt key, then choose Go > Library. Please refer to the following video for step by step instructions: note that 'User's name' and 'username' refers to your OS and usernames respectively. e.g. I would search for maddieman_subs_cache.xml.

Once you've found the username_subs_cache.xml file, simply delete it and restart the scrobbler. 

3. Debug the log and cache file in a text editor.

If you're comfortable reading log files and editing xml, you can try this slightly more advanced step. This is a fairly straightforward process, and if it doesn't work, you can simply delete the cache file and/or reinstall.

Usually what happens is one invalid artist or track prevents everything else in the cache from submitting. This is an issue we're trying to fix, but in the meantime, the solution is to identify the scrobble causing submissions to fail, and remove it from your cache file. This will lose that one scrobble, but allow the others to submit successfully.

First you need to locate the log file. This file automatically dumps debug info and error messages, and is helpful for troubleshooting. It can be found in the following locations:

C:\users\ user's name \App Data\Local\\ Scrobbler.log

/Users/user's name/Library/Logs/ Scrobbler.log

Please refer to step 2 above for more detailed information on how to access these folders.

To begin with, go ahead and delete this file, then restart the scrobbler, wait for about ten seconds, then close the program. This will wipe historical logs, and allow us to focus on any errors reported during startup, when the scrobbler attempts to connect to the servers and submit cached scrobbles.

The log file should have been regenerated, and you can open it in a plain text editor like notepad. Now search for the string "error".

You'll probably see the following message a few times:

<lfm status="failed">
<error code="27"> radio is no longer available. Please see<a title="Link:" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a>.

That's ok, and normal, since we disabled the subscriber radio last year. Feel free to ignore that.

What you're looking for is any other error message, specifically:

<lfm status="failed">
<error code="16">
Error creating artist '(the artist's name)'

Or similar errors (please report here so I can investigate).

This error will prevent cached scrobbles from submitting. What you now have to do is open your cache xml file, find the artist causing the error message, and remove their scrobbles. Again, the cache file is called yourusername_subs_cache.xml (e.g. maddieman_subs_cache.xml). See point 2 for its location.

Open this in a plain text editor, and search for the artist / track reported in the log file above. Most likely, it'll be the first entry, since it's at the top of the queue.

Now, highlight the entire block for that scrobble, everything from to , and delete it. 

<album>This is not a test (yes it is)</album>
<track>Can&#39;t u just</track>
<url>file:///C:/Users/jon/Desktop/Test Artist - Test Track 6.mp3</url>
<playerName>Windows Media Player</playerName>

Now save the file, and restart the desktop scrobbler.

Hopefully your remaining cached tracks will now submit. If they don't, you probably need to repeat the process - check the log file for new errors, and remove affected tracks from your cache (you can try resubmitting these via the universal scrobbler).
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