Scrobbling, but not really [local music files]

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In this morning im having some issues with scrobbling, some songs are ok, but others appear to be scrobbling but they're not. I tried to refresh but nothing works.
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Posted 1 year ago

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14 songs in a row have gone through successfully. I am praying. -- Edit: 20 in a row now, is anyone else experiencing normality?
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Stevie Nice

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It seems to have been working for me for almost 3 hours now. I hope I didn't jinx it!
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My scrobbles seem to be going through today, at least the last few hours.  I know it missed a few this morning though.
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Charles Plemons

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I've had 18 go in without skipping any.  That's far better than earlier today; I am optimistic that things are back to normal.

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James L.

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I think it's working now, but the big question is, will the previous scrobbles eventually show up?
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Marcus Vinicius

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just listened to 4 albums and no tracks were missed, hope it's kept this way
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Artem Kosarev

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All tracks from yesterday didn’t sync via official client and are now gone? What do I do?
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Looks fixed. :)
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Still missing three songs from friday's afternoon.

Songs by Lily Allen (Everyone's at it, F*ck you, Who'd have known).

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It appears that the problem is fixed but the missed scrobbles will not be coming back.
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Hale Zimmerman

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missed scrobbles will not be coming back.
Has this been confirmed?
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Tyler Cote

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My scrobbles from this morning seem to be working as usual, but the missing ones from Friday did not return. 
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I'm missing anywhere from 25 to 35 tracks over the last two days still. But I've not had any more skipping since sometime yesterday, so thats an improvement. Hoping the missing tracks sync up over the next few days.

foobar2000 + foo_audioscrobbler & for mobile Poweramp + Simple Scrobbler.

I think worst case I can rebuild the missed stuff from the logs in foobar, but anything missed playing on my phone  I don't think I can figure out.
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@Hail Zimmerman -- It hasn't been confirmed but we're not even sure if staff intervention stopped the problem! It's just my assumption. 
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Things had been working for a while for me, but now I'm back to the same problem when scrobbling from both Spotify and iTunes, so I don't think staff has done anything at all quite yet.
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This problem came up around Friday afternoon UTC, and staff was notified. They will be back tomorrow morning due to another bank holiday in the UK. At the moment local files scrobbling with the scrobbler seems to be stable again, but I also still miss some offline scrobbles with WMP from Friday which were shown in the scrobbler as being submitted. So maybe they were lost, but I would rather wait for an official staff reply before manually rescrobbling them.

Please don't report problems with Spotify scrobbling in this thread and use the Spotify Scrobbling (Beta) announcement thread instead. In case your whole library disappeared which happened to about 1/20 of all users last week, use the related thread as well.
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Yury Tropnikau

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both Friday and Saturday were issues with scrobbling
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any news regarding the missing scrobbles from saturday? should i scrobble those manually?
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I'm pretty sure they won't reappear anymore. My guess is that the submission service was stuttering in the last days. I had to repeat a couple of scrobbles manually to get them scrobbled and the missing ones didn't show up yet. If they show up, you can still delete the doubles.
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We're still investigating what happened.  
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@Jon any additional information regarding the investigation of what happened? And any statement regarding the lost scrobbles? At this point I'm assuming they're lost for good.
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Any idea what happened yet?