Search results are limited to five tracks/albums/artists

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The results obtained through the search bar are limited to five tracks, albums and/or artists, there being no paging or any "more results" link available in the results page. That limits the usefulness of search quite a bit, for obvious reasons.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Yeah, this bugs me as well.
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I made a whole big deal about this problem when I first made a getsatisfaction account on here with quite a long post about how limited the search results are. I also sent a message to all of the main moderators and an e-mail to the staff about this problem, so hopefully, they'll get their butts right on it. I don't care how long it takes. As long as they say that they're working on it, I'm good.

What I would propose is that they still keep the design but have different links from the main search results to pages of search results of just artists, or just albums, etc.

But all in all, I gotta have my search results, yo! Plus, WHY IN THE WORLD ARE NOT SO MANY PEOPLE PETITIONING AND SENDING E-MAILS ON THIS?!?! THIS IS BIG!!!!!

-Christian aka archangelfilms (been on since March 2009)
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Often I edit artist wikis and add the discography. I thing, this is usefull. More than the album catalog. And right here the problem start: If the title or the artist of an album doesn't compare exactly to the catalog, you have to search for the album.
But with only 5 results it could happen, that you can't find the right one. My latest example:
For a unsalaried work it seems to be very frustrating.
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C'mon guys ... Absolutelly necessary ... just a matter of including a "show all search results" button, or an "advanced search" page or whatever ... should not be such a huge deal
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This still hasn't been fixed??? A seven year old could write the code for this
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Haha, I don't understand this.. Still not changed.. Why should you limit the results to 5 artists? Less traffic? I dont think that makes sense.. So why the hell?