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I would like to suggest a new feature:

Suppose you know the name of a song that you remember scrobbling, but you forgot the name of the artist.

If you go to your library (, the staff should install a search bar inside the library so you can type the name of any song, artist or album. 
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Posted 3 years ago

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I support this! That'd be extremely helpful if you could search your own library.
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Cornel Diaconu

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I was just about to write some post with exact similar idea.
Yes, I also would love to have such an option: search for some song title in my library (say I remember somehow the song title, but don't remember artist name ? or simply because I just want to know home many artist have some particular song title in their repertoir ?)

Please, consider this as a useful option !
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Yes, I think some of us have been clamoring for this for awhile now. Being able to search another user's library would be very helpful, that way when you're recommending an artist you're not recommending something they've already heard.
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Indeed. I usually do that by looking for the artist on their library by the URL (/user/library/music/[artist]). This feature would make it easier.
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Would be easier to see if I've made a wrong scrobble, like "song name (OFFICIAL VIDEO)" when I listen to music from YouTube, for example
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in order to give you a plus for considering this option, here's what I wanted to find in my library:
- because I was, at some point in time, listening + scrobbling songs from an online source (former, now I have some songs in my library with this title:
"Unleash the full potential of SKY.FM. Get SKY.FM Premium Now!"
but with whatever artist name (no available way to guess at which artist).

If you know that online source, you know what this is: from time to time, they had some commercial spot, basically trying to convince you to become a premium user; the bad part was that this spot was longer than 31 seconds, and thus it got scrobbled as a normal song (they had it with artist tag = the upcoming artist on the playlist, and the song title = that message above)...

So, now I have some unknown number of such songs in my library, and I want to find them and remove them.
At this moment this task is virtually impossible (okay, I can actually traverse all my library, page by page and search this title .... a very nice job :-) considering the number of pages...

If a search option inside my library would be available, I'd find those particular songs in a few seconds, right ?
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A workaround would be downloading your listening history with to csv and import that file in a spreadsheet app where you can search and sort the columns. That way it would be easy to find each occurence of that SKY.FM ad and check which artists have this track.
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Now this would be really useful
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I really need this !
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Absolute yes to this! Over the years I've accumulated over 3000 artists and I'm discovering new music all the time. I hate having to scroll through my scrobbles from a week back to find that one song I liked that I heard Monday afternoon. Please, this would benefit a lot of people. :)
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Please I really need this
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I need this.