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As for now, songs, albums and artists has just simple "yes/no" option when it comes to correcting their names. Don't know how long it will last that no-one can put the correct title to guide scrobbles where they should go (or maybe it's not neccessary now?) but I have an idea - tell me if it's good or wrong - to write down suggestions of corrections in one topic. Or if it is already here, sorry for spamming.

So, first thing which comes to my mind - and only one for now - will be: Godflesh - "Somewhere Scorned", which should be Godflesh - "Someone Somewhere Scorned".
Just made this mistake when tagging years ago and at last now I see it's not correct.
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Posted 3 years ago

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... and a counter like "x votes left until changing", or something like this. Maybe in style of picture voting.
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Good idea, I can ask people to vote then, knowing how many people are needed to change.
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Official Response
Hi Tom, 

I understand you're reasons for creating this thread, but it's not what we're looking for right now.  When the time comes, we will be adding the option for users to provide more details for specific corrections -- but for now, if a track spelling / redirection is wrong, please use the interface we've set up on the site.  I know it's frustrating to not be able to suggest the correction as well, but this directly informs the data team of which tracks, albums, and artists the community think are right or wrong, so they can fine tune the clustering heuristics.  

Creating a forum thread for corrections loops the data team out of this feedback; presents it in a format that's hard to manage and sort at any kind of scale; and encourages other users to bypass the system we've explicitly set up for this purpose.  

So please don't use the forums for reporting corrections, unless you think there's a bug (like an artist appearing twice in your charts, a love track that can't be unloved, etc), in which case please create a new topic and describe the behaviour you're seeing.  If you want to keep track of corrections for your own reasons (e.g. for when we do add correction suggestions to, perhaps a shared spreadsheet would be a better approach?

Thanks for understanding.
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Thanks for your answer, Jon. This was just a suggestion, like I wrote above, as I clearly understand that it will be a mess if corrections are written here (where should be bugs, not misspellings).
Spreadsheet seems to be good option, by the way. Will it be taken into consideration in future?
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What a coincidence... I was waiting for the next update to ask the exact same question regarding the 'sense or nonsense of NO-votes', with a suggestion different from Tom's. 

Anyway...thanks to Jon I have found back some courage to resume voting 'NO' when necessary using a spreadsheet for later corrections.
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another try to get an answer:

Iskald has a song called "Warriors of the Northern Twilight" released on their first album "Shades of Misery".
On their second album "Revelations of Reckoning Day" there is the second part of this song, called "Warriors of the Northern Twilight, Part II".

Why are this two songs taken together in my library when in musicbrainz are listed both songs?

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