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Hello everyone,

We've created a new way to scrobble with Spotify. Instead of configuring each application or device separately, you now only need to link Spotify to in your applications settings page. Once connected you'll be able to scrobble wherever you use Spotify. This brings back scrobbling to Spotify's web player, and opens up the ability to scrobble from Spotify Connect devices like games consoles, TVs, Amazon Echo, etc.

This new feature is in beta, and there are some known issues, so please read the following before connecting:

Known issues:

Local files don't update "Scrobbling now"

Scrobbling local files is now supported (provided tracks have a valid artist and title id3 tags), however 'Scrobbling now' isn't currently displayed.  This means if you mostly listen to local files on Spotify, it can appear as if you're not scrobbling until the tracks finish playing.  This will be fixed in a forthcoming update.

Offline scrobbling is limited to the last 50 tracks played

This is due to the fact that the Spotify API only allows us to access the last 50 tracks from your play history.  

(Spotify free) Tracks don't scrobble until the adverts finish

This happens because the tracks you play in Spotify aren't actually scrobbled until the next track starts.  

Occasional double scrobble

We're aware of some instances where a track you've previously played will be resubmitted to your profile at a later time by the offline scrobbler (usually when you open spotify in another device and play a track).  We've fixed the vast majority of cases where this can happen, however there are still some rare cases where it's can happen still -- typically for tracks that have been played for over 30 seconds and then paused for over 30 minutes.

Scrobbling works initially, but then you keep getting 'disconnected' on a regular basis 

We've been investigating this issue thoroughly, and have been taking steps to mitigate it where we can.   We're still trying to determine exactly what triggers this problem, but suspect that the underline issue is something to do with the way Spotify handles tracking and switching between devices.  We also believe it's more likely to happen on older / slower systems, and when resuming tracks that have been paused for over 30+ minutes. This problem has been flagged with Spotify to investigate as well.

If you encounter this issue, we recommend the following:
  • Play the track all the way through and let the next track start -- in some cases "Scrobbling now" isn't displayed correctly when you start a session, but the track will still scrobble. Scrobbling will work normally from the second track onwards.
  • If that doesn't work, we recommend that you Close down / exit the Spotify application and then restart it.  In most cases this should fix the problem.  
  • Actively switching to another device (e.g. mobile to desktop, or vice versa), or opening the devices menu and starting a track, can also fix the problem.
  • If that doesn't work, please go to your application settingsDisconnect Spotify scrobbling, and then Connect your account again. 

Scrobbling from Spotify isn't working anywhere

Some users have also reported that they cannot scrobble at all from any device, or that while it's working OK from mobile, it's not working from desktop.  We're aware of your feedback and are looking into it. 

Some things to double-check:
  • You're using the latest version of Spotify.  
  • The login is no longer available from the 'Social' heading of Spotify settings page (this is expected). If it's still there, please disable it and update your Spotify app.
  • You're connected to Spotify Scrobbling here:
  • On the same page, where it says "Connected as", you're linked to the same Spotify account you're using on your device.
  • In your Spotify account settings, " Scrobbler" is listed as an approved application.
We've heard unconfirmed reports that logging out of Spotify and back in again can help, as can resetting your Spotify password.  It's also been suggested that logging into Spotify via email & password, rather than through Facebook can fix the issue, though we've yet to verify this.


We'll update this post as these issues get fixed. If you notice any other problems, please let us know in the comments. 

When reporting a problem please let us know the following details:

  • Your and Spotify usernames
  • Which device / OS are you encountering the problem on? (desktop or mobile)
  • What is the version number of the Spotify app you're using? (found in the settings page on mobile, and help -> about Spotify on desktop) 
  • Are you using a Spotify free or premium account?

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Official Response
Hey all,

Thanks for posting all your feedback here. We do see that Spotify scrobbling via our new setting isn't working properly for some of you, and understand that this is very frustrating.

There appear to be three main issues that you are currently experiencing here:

1) Scrobbling from Spotify mobile isn't working, but is working OK from other devices (desktop client, web player)

This is indeed a problem, it currently affects all free Spotify users (if you are a premium user, this one isn't your issue). It's been flagged with Spotify.

(This has been fixed)

2) Scrobbling from Spotify isn't working anywhere, at least not reliably

Some of you have also reported that they cannot scrobble at all from any device, or that while it's working OK from mobile, it's not working from desktop.

We're aware of your feedback and are looking into it.

3) Scrobbling works, but then you keep getting disconnected on a regular basis

We've also heard from you that you sometimes, even on a regular basis like daily, get disconnected from Spotify scrobbling and have to keep reconnecting.

We've been investigating this issue thoroughly, and have been taking steps to mitigate it where we can. I'm sorry to see that some of you are still experiencing this problem. We'll keep looking into all feedback you post here.

Thanks for your patience, I hope you'll all be happy scrobblers again soon :)