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I used to find myself on this website an abnormal amount of time, to the point where I was wasting so much time on here. Now you have destroyed it I am free and can listen to music like a normal person again. Thank you!!
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Laika Kangaroo

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Posted 5 years ago

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Laika Kangaroo

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Delete your account and listen to your records!
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I feel exactly the same way as you do. I'll have more time to read, dream, and walk around !
Thank you !
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it must be so good not having to worry about lost scrobbles and stuff...
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Laika Kangaroo

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lets get back to reality. Farewell This may be the best thing you have done for a lot of obsessive people.  : )
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Vic Rattlehead

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I already made enough friends and discovered what artists I needed off it. that was like a sweet journey.

but for now, time to abandon this shithole. 

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Free at last (.fm)
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Sunkist Veno

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last fm no longer is a music site where you can scrobble which explain's why the last fm player site got deleted and why whenever i scrobble from mediamonkey the artist info on it don't show anymore. 
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Cornel Diaconu

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Who's stopping you from scrobbling ?
I don't get it: this was the main reason for anyway, so why you're saying this ?

Ah, you may have troubles with some exotic music player, but this is mainly your problem (OK, their too, since they changed things in the API so such players can't connect anymore).
Just give a try to players like Clementine: you'll be able to scrobble everything you play with it, in good conditions (artist, title, album, etc.) !
Or, contact mediamonkey developers to modify their scrobbler plugin in order to be able to connect to site in the newer conditions...
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Laika Kangaroo

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don't scrobble.
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No more discovering of new sounds... or just listening to a tag mix (my tags, where can I see them?).
Well done. Operation successful, the patient died.

No things to do (or to look at) on this site.
So much spare time for the important things of life.

Thank you, dear developers.
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I have to say that I spend less time on as well. I still scrobble and will continue to do so. But without the features (like charts, integrated forums, the playground features and the full suite of API calls) that were there, there simply is less to do.
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Well, i would actually like my time-destroying, crazy addictive obsession back. I'm not happy about getting a life. I want back.
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I have to agree -- I barely even look at the site anymore. It's a blessing in disguise, as I have so much more time to do other things instead, thanks to the rape, pillage and plunder of the we knew and loved.
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I used to edit album arts, finding larger images in better quality, putting the correct one, puting the cover for new albums or even editing little details to "clean" the image or editing it a lot. The Wiki pages too, I used to translate ALL the biography from english to spanish from artists or albums (even when 1 name was taken by various artists). And not only in the spanish version of, the original english version had some edits by me.
I did this a LOT of time since 2009, you can imagine the amounts of Wikis or images with my name in "Edited by", and when the page change now I can't-DO-ANY-T-H-I-N-G!!!. How I'm supposed to feel?
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I can barely believe that wiki editing STILL isn't back yet. How many weeks has it been? :/
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Laika Kangaroo

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But none of that stuff is really important. Just listen to music that you like?
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Pierre-Olivier Dion

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Yeah it gives a new persective... But those were still better days imo. I know that, if they ever bring all the features back on the website, I'll be sooo fucking happy to go back to my old habits :)

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