THE REASON BEHIND THE UPDATE?? Should we patiently wait?

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Friends, there's a problem we must be aware of. 
This simple google link shows Last FM is being in a grievous financial state.
 If we agree to support its gradual change, we'll be able to preserve the site. I'd rather tolerate its temporary deficiencies, than sink this ship entirely.

Thanks to Donyvi . :I think most people are not aware of this, but has been in a financial rut in the past years:

"The company reported pre-tax losses of £2.8m in 2009, just over £5m in 2010, £4.4m in 2011 and£3.9m in 2012," 

In 2014 "staff numbers fell from 61 to 35". )

If your feeling is that the new site is going to kill, you may be right, but keep in mind that it was already bleeding. isn't oblivious to the wishes of its users. What the users want simply isn't financially viable.
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Posted 4 years ago

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I was already aware of this, which makes the launch of the new website even more of a disaster. Instead of making a better website, a much improved version on what once was, they've destroyed it.

Why would anyone Subscribe now? I know I have no reason to. They've just alienated and angered the existing customers they do have. What is there on this new website that would bring in more customers? Because I can't see any reasons to join, only reasons to leave.
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@George Tait Aren't you afraid of being stabbed by a pitchfork? :)
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I am wearing full body armour. Nothing but a nuclear bomb can penetrate it.
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Nothing but Acme I hope.
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@george336 - obscure music isn't often obscure because it's awful...just saying.
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A lot of obscure music is, of course, very good but a lot of it isn't. That stands to reason. But I wouldn't have said that had the lady I was replying to not been so hoity toity about so called 'mainstream music'.

'The Dreaming' is Kate's best album, by the way. Just saying.
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Sorry but this is halfy an bullshit! *o* they may lie others, but they can't lie to those who offered them a help without any gain of money and they didn't even bother to answer! 
stuff reduced because they couldn't get on with ignorance of CBSi and falling down site because of mainstream purposes and marketing for the company and not for the site, music, artists and users.

They instead on improving site so it can gain more users and change incoming on better, they invested time on useless thing and promotions of nothing. Even on their twitter as I followed most posts wasn't anything inspiring and improving.
Instead of eating up their shit and starting improving and upgarding that good platform and layout they had to receive those funds, they launched unfinished version without anything and like 'got money' with this for what?
lost users?
    They never GIVE A DAMN for Feedback which acctually taped solutions or wrongs or rights on all this. They considered and answered only feedback which was going in their favor and which was easy to fix just to calm those users who weren't seeing the deeper problem.

    Also I started to see that they mostly reply to special users from special Countries, if you understand what I want to say. So this isn't that easy and 
    pinkish' as you describe.


    Livejournal - lives through years, updates constantly losing and gaining users, BUT never changed layout in that way so all users can complain and couldn't be able to use site for MAINpurpose - BLOGS and WRiting.

    TUmblr - changed company also  updated many times, BUT didn't abandon their Layout for purpose, because they knew the'll lose users and their purpose as site for PICTURE POSTS FOLLOWERS
    BUT BRINGING MAJOR CHANGES which DON'T HAVE ANYTHING USEFUL for the site purpose as it was such site before.. what is that?
    they fell down to the point of lowbudget music sites with poor design who don't exist anymore because of unpractical usage so no customers who could gain attention.

    So that bullshit that they were falling down couldn't be exactly right if many of investitions were made for this site! This could be only to 'stealing funds' so it would look like they have problems or any other thing!
    As I know personally from my friends joined around 20 of them in the end of 2014 of which 12 became Subscribed ones! So where is all that profit going then? if they had such problems to abandon GREAT layout and platform with great customization, and to switch it to unfinished shit for promotion of Spotify or that other things from CBSi marketing..

    Sorry but I can't fall again for such lies as you described here in your post.
    I feel sorry for you that you had been fallen for their trap to give them approve for what are they doing now.

    And this new version could be intereting to new users, but like any new users who care just for flashy things and not for music they will be bored and leave quickly site. Because site as this can't give anything for users to stay long on it to gain something and to enjoy it on long term.

    copypasted from another same thread. This is opinion of 6 years user of this site, and not only mine.
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    Thank you for posting this. c:
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    This is irrelevant to the issues with the new website.
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    IMO, it is. Their loss of staff probably kept the devs too busy to read the freaking forums.
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    @Laura Marx: I agree that it is irrelevant to the issues with the new website, but it is relevant when the premise of many of the posts is that the developers wrecked a working site when in fact it was a financial disaster.
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    @Donyvi Could you help us understand how the new site will help them financially?
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    oh, my heart aches for the poor bourgeoisie at CBS, taking in 2 million less of their 30 billion net worth. I am sure I will be kept up at night thinking about it.
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    Hehe, I would be surprised if anyone with that name thought otherwise :)
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    Was thinking the same thing...  also look at Alexa ranking since April when they got rid of the radio's clearly trending down...   I'm sure the new changes are due to trying to make some money but it's obvious they didn't understand how it is currently used and/or didn't care
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    I think just about all of the core userbase knew this. Wasn't best to piss us off, though.
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    The code base was becoming too expensive to maintain and too risky to modify so I hear. The question is refactor of rewrite. Refactor is make modifications to the live system piecemeal, replace bits in the currently running system. Rewrite is blank sheet, start again completely from scratch and when the new is done throw out the old and replace with the new, big bang. They chose rewrite.

    Programmers generally prefer to make new stuff, create something of their own rather than try to understand and just fix somebody else's mess written using design patterns and paradigms that have since become unfashionable. We're architects at heart not plumbers, we prefer to build than to fix. The old code was written by guys who left the company or were run over by busses years ago. The oldest code forms the backbone of how the whole thing works because it's the first written code in the system. And because it's the earliest code it's more likely the most patched and modified and so has become the most convoluted and hard to maintain. And the guys who wrote it aren't around to be asked what does this or that do. So the choice was to rewrite. 

    A downside with rewrite is that you are throwing away years of battle tested code i.e. it's been tested by years of actual live use by millions of real users. As a consequence of all that use many many bugs have been found, and so the code contains many many fixes for those bugs and it's the accretion of all these later modifications by lots of different programmers that slowly makes the code harder and harder to understand and maintain. All those little fixes are like barnacles that have become attached to the boat. The boat's now so covered in barnacles it barely has a boat shape. It may even contain undocumented features the current devs don't know about but users depend on or at least features the current devs don't fully understand how and why users are using them. If you rewrite you risk unwittingly throwing out a lot of stuff. 

    Another downside to rewrite is that if for whatever reason you can't finish, say you run out of money to complete because you underestimated the time it will take (and that always happens developing software) then you have an unusable half finished thing you can't sell. However if you don't finish refactoring everything you originally intended to refactor then you still have the existing working product which at least now works a little better.

    There's no upside to rewrite. You rewrite if there is no other way, say you gotta now make it run on a completely different platform, or a different language because the old is no longer supported.

    So they chose rewrite but they could have rewrote and kept the same interface. My guess is the dumbed down for touch screens interface might have been something to sweeten the pill for management because the dev work needed is obviously gonna cost. The new look is so they can say "well if we rewrite then we can also at the same time 'modernise' the look and feel". It's something to make it easier to sell to their bosses otherwise it's like "we are going to spend loads of money to make a new site which will look and work exactly the same as the old".

    Releasing this skeleton version couldn't have been intentional so there may have been a time constraint beyond which the old site could no longer be made available. I dunno maybe the old site is hosted in one place and the new on another and the servers hosting the old site are due to be unplugged by a certain date because they can no longer be paid for beyond then. I dunno and I dunno much about how these things work. But some unmovable deadline must have forced their hand in to releasing this barely started product and if this time constraint was known of from the start then the time to complete must have been massively underestimated.

    That's my best guess anyhow, based on experience and the spits and spots of info on the actual situation.
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    Now I can laugh at human folly. were great while it lasted.

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