There’s another artist or band with the same name?

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  • (Edited) cannot currently distinguish between artists of the same name and so they end up sharing the same music page, resulting in their songs and releases getting mixed up and confused.

We're working on this, but for the time being, the best way of remedying the problem is to edit the artist wiki to distinguish between the artists. A good example of this is can be found here.  You can also edit the track and album wikis to make it clear which artist they belong to -- an example of this can be found here.

Vandalism policy

If the artist page is shared, please DO NOT delete the other artists listed -- all known artists have an equal right to be represented on the page.  Deleting other artists from the page is considered vandalism of the website and a violation of our community guidelines.  Persistent abuse may result in the artist wiki being locked and your editing privileges suspended -- artists, labels, and their representatives are not exempt from this.


For clarity, it's often helpful to first state that the artist page is shared, and then list all artists, before writing detailed biographies for each artist: 

"There are multiple artists that perform under the name '...'
  1. A rock band from the UK.
  2. A electronic artist from the US.
  3. A folk singer from Iceland.
  4. ...
1.  ... is a rock band from the UK, formed in 1975 by ..."

Artist ordering

With regards to ordering, please use common sense and be considerate of the fans of the other artists.  

For artists of roughly equal prominence, date of formation (or first release) is acceptable, but artist popularity may make more sense if one artist is significantly more prominent than the others (e.g. Nirvana).  As a rule of thumb, consider which artist most visitors to are expecting to find when they search for the artist.  If you are in any doubt, feel free to discuss the matter with a moderator.

As with vandalism, disputes over artist order (i.e. two or more users reverting wikis back and forth to their preferred version), or deliberately re-ordering the artists to promote a new or lesser known artist will not be tolerated -- in these cases, a moderator or staff member may step in to resolve the matter. 

"Why can't I just create the artist page 'My Band (official)?"

This is not recommended. 

This won't work because:
  • The vast majority of users will be looking for and scrobbling the 'correct' artist name (as it appears on Spotify, iTunes, or the cd/mp3's metadata), so all listening stats will go to that page, not the made up one. 
  •  The catalogue regularly imports album and tracklist data from iTunes, Amazon, Musicbrainz, and other sites -- they will be using the 'correct' artist name, not the made up one.
  • The search engine filters out artists with 0 listeners to prevent common misspellings from being shown in the results (e.g. "Radiohaed").  Likewise, Google will most likely index the correct (and more active) page also.
  • attempts to automatically match track names with their music videos on Youtube, and official playlinks on Spotify.  For this to work, its essential that the correct artist name is used.
In other words, there's nothing stopping you from doing this, but you'll have blank page with 0 listeners, 0 scrobbles, no user interaction, and none of your albums will be listed on the page.  It won't show up in the search engine and your music won't be played on the radio. Please keep in mind that, while artist pages can be used for promotional purposes, they are not artist controlled profile pages and do not work like artist pages on Facebook, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Myspace, etc.  They're more akin to an artist's Wikipedia page or IMDB profile.

Will this ever be fixed and if so when?

Our goal is to build a self updating catalogue that fully supports artist Disambiguation (one name -> many different artists), and Aliases (many names -> one artist).  This would mean that artists with the same name would be correctly separated out into their own pages, with separate listener and scrobble stats, charts, albums, similar artists, tags, and so on.  Likewise, artists with multiple valid names (e.g. 水曜日のカンパネラ || Wednesday Campanella), would be treated as the same artist entity (i.e. their stats and tags would be merged), without necessarily needing to redirect to one page or the other.

On the old website this was an impossibility due to the way the catalogue and site architecture was designed, and one of the reasons for replatforming was to finally address this problem.  To that end, since relaunching in late 2015 we have been steadily laying the foundation to support these features in our new catalogue system; however there is no definite timeline or ETA at present as there is still plenty of work left to do.  We ask for your continued patience and understanding, as this is not a straightforward task that can be completed in a number of weeks, but an ongoing effort.  When we have more definite news to share, we will update this FAQ accordingly.

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