Things I'd like to address concerning the new launch.

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Dear management; just what were you thinking? I am shaking my head left and right, and I am searching all the corners of my brain to come up with a small positive point, but the website's future is so dark right now that I cannot even find the slightest hint of a light.

You can't please everyone all the time, but this update is pleasing nobody. In an attempt to look modern and futuristic, this just looks cluttered and absolutely pulled out of proportions.

Let's start with the dimensions. I use a 1366x768 monitor and I have to zoom out to 75% in Chrome to make the website look at least somewhat presentable. What is up with the big and pompously obvious images? Where is the sleek design, the ability to overview your entire page in one simple, clean look? It just doesn't work for smaller monitors or laptops, and not everyone has a 24" monitor, you know?

Second, why switch to "title — artist", instead? This way, your list does not align if you are listening to the same artist for a while. Tell me, what looks cleaner, this:
Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song
Led Zeppelin - Friends
Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day
Led Zeppelin - Since I've Been Loving You
Led Zeppelin - Out On the Tiles
Or this:
Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin
Friends - Led Zeppelin
Celebration Day - Led Zeppelin
Since I've Been Loving You - Led Zeppelin
Out On the Tiles - Led Zeppelin
The answer is very clear, I'd say. Obviously the first option is the neat and correct way to present a tracklist. I don't know what it's been changed for, rebellious attitude?

There are a lot more issues, and I'd like to address all of them. Another one I have found is circular imagery. Why? The entire community has spent years and years perfecting the system for image rendering, and this worked perfectly for the square images we had. You are aware of bands and groups, yes? This means a picture will contain more than one individual, and with these circular images most of them will fall out of the picture. Another working feature, ruined.

More for you. A lot of people have added artists to their libraries for future reference. You were able to add these artists without having to scrobble actual songs from them. All artists with zero scrobbles have been deleted from people's libraries. What if you forgot a name, or what the artist looked like? All of people's search has been for nothing, and with this I'd like to address something else as well, namely that it is becoming increasingly difficult to discover new artists with this system. Recommended artists show only ten features and the information on them is scarce when giving it a quick first glance. 

Some other issues I don't want to go into further detail with, but I suppose you can figure out these faults by yourselves:

No more journals.
No more neighbours.
No more groups.
No more top listeners.
No more customization of top artists.
No more album art display when currently listening to a song.
No possibility to choose how many tracks or artists will be displayed.
Can't sort lists by alphabet.
Low resolution top album banner (why is this necessary?)
No about section.

This is what I and my friends have currently found that we will dearly miss about 

What people want is a clean-looking database of what they have listened to. It was fancy as it was, and if it isn't broken, don't try and fix it. Actually, the broken features were things we would have loved to see restored, like a proper option for fixing tags, a proper option to scrobble cached tracks, or the ability to choose your own photo if an artist shared a page with another. That was pretty much... everything, that needed to be fixed? You have now broken an almost flawlessly working system. And we are very upset and disappointed.

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Posted 4 years ago

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You have right!They just ruin everything!
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Katarzyna Stec

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what she said! 100 percent agreed.
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This is one of the best, most concise explanations on why the new is a failure.
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Well spoken!
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I fully agree!
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I totally agree.
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Completely agree. Well said.

"What people want is a clean-looking database of what they have listened to. It was fancy as it was, and if it isn't broken, don't try and fix it."

^ This. There was no need to re-design anything. The website was already brilliant. Small improvements to things and minor additions would have perfected it, but not this...
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Spot on. I already gave my opinion on the feedback page.
This new layout is pure sh*t. And if this is to be the final version of the layout, there are other social networks sites out there based on our musical tastes...
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I agree so much with you! I would like that artists with the same name would be somehow separated that's the feature I want the most. 
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Iwould like this too, but this must be impossible to provide, how would they know which track was by which band? Espesh if unheard of/unsigned/internet only bands.
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In one of the beta threads it was mentioned that this feature is coming. I don't know which thread it was or who said it (I think it was a mod), I was just soooo happy to hear that artists with the same name will finally get their own pages... I hope this is still in the cards and hasn't been "forgotten".
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well what I think is the problem is every thing has up geared to windows 10 spotify has up geared I know when my system up geared to 10 my firefox didn't work and
til I downloaded fox for windows 10 spotify has up geared to 10 and lastfm is still
using windows 8.1 my guess is hope they up geared  to 10 or they will loss out 
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Everything said by OP is completely on point. This new update has made me so mad. I loved, purely for how it was, simple, effective and brilliant. This new design is makes me never want to use the site ever again if I'm quite honest, and that is the part that makes me sad because I have loved this site ever since I joined. What a pile of crap.
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See you in obscurity. Say hi to myspace for me!
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Couldn't have said it any better, Agreed 100%
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Well said. The site didn't need to be fixed. Yes, it looked old-school when compared to "similar" websites such as Spotify etc... but it didn't mean that it had to be revamped, "fixed", "modernized" or whatever. It was great at it was, and there was no complain. While I'm sure that most features will be available in a few weeks/months (still silly to launch a disfunctional website when you have a perfectly one running already), they broke something that wasn't even cracked, that made the thousands of users stick to this particular website. Now it's all gone, it looks gross, all over the place, it is the total opposite of what it used to be. And that's the thing. I really don't understand how and why they would do this when the simple layout is what made people so addicted.
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Beautifully put. 'About' section is the one I miss THE MOST. :( I've been adding links to events of attended shows there! It was alphabetically correct list of pure art to me. I loved it as much as I enjoyed the shows. The worst part: I had no clue they launch the new version today so had no chance to even copy it. R.I.P. memories.
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Darya Puteyko

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I was happy for a moment XD Yeah, there were WAY more than 200 characters. And yeah, it's all gone. RIP
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I would try googling '' and your username and looking at google's cached version of your profile
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Darya - I've saved you the hassle and sent you a copy of your side, courtesy of Google cache. Check your private messages! :-)
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Darya Puteyko

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Incredible, thanks a lot!
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Yep, even the cached version doesn't show my about me info.. i lost everything due to this change.. grrrr...
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What people want is a clean-looking database of what they have listened to.
I look at the Artists display in my Library now and all I can see are the top 6 artists and a load of whitespace, (or wasted space). Clean looking and concise is what we had - now!? All the neat usability / functionality in the way the data was displayed is lost. Just showing me my top six artists is of no use to me - yes I can scroll to the next six but really! less is not more! The way the old Artists view worked was much, much better, in a table that I could easily page back and forth through.

I'm not necessarily a proponent of the 'change is bad' and 'we must go back to the old site' sentiment, and understand there was a need to rebuild the core of the site but this doesn't feel like an improved user experience or a step forward with how my 10 years worth of data is presented to me. What I'm offered now feels like it's been dumbed down, not enhanced. Sorry, form over function has triumphed again.
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Om Nom Nom Nom

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Whoever gave this release the green light is incredibly out of touch with the community. It's so painfully obvious that this is an unfinished product. I don't think they're going to deny it. The issue is almost EVERYTHING from the old site is gone. This looks more like a pre-alpha than a beta. They probably should have left this in development for at least another year because it's clear that they aren't even close to being finished with it. Maybe it'll all be added back but how long is that going to take?
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Michael Cutler

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out of touch with the community is the understatement of the century.
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Susan Gilks

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I have been complaining to since they rolled out the new site to us subscribers months ago...all of what you have said above.   The new site is TERRIBLE and I am highly unlikely to pay to keep using such a terrible looking and poorly functioning site.  The changes are bull shit.  Well said Esther!!
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Yes I'm with you with your complaints!
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First Last

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100% agreed. Very well-written.
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Shane Burdette

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The only thing I'm somewhat enjoying is the new web player, using spotify along with youtube is a great idea. It would be even better if it could stream from sites like bandcamp and soundcloud, almost like you can with However, I'm incredibly frustrated that I cannot flag videos that are live, of poor quality, covers, etc and I don't see an option to flag and suggest a better video like before. Also, the player is incredibly glitchy (maybe it's because website isn't fully launched yet?) and stops playing after 10 or so plays. 
The new layout is super disappointing. There's little customization and charts that I used to take pride in and enjoyed looking at, are now thrown together like some poor looking collage. 
It's annoying that I can't dismiss recommendations as well. That's one of the features I loved most about last. I used to scroll through pages of recommended artists and dismiss ones I had heard and didn't like, or dismiss as I played my recommended radio. Now, I get one page of recommendations that don't change as I listen? Yuck.
This has taken a lot of the fun straight out of this site. I don't know why a huge makeover was needed, but it definitely is not helping. Everyone I've seen commenting and posting about this has been upset about the changes. 
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CBS can fuck right off
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YES. I couldn't have said it more perfectly. was a great way to track what I'd been listening to, what I am listening to, and what I want to listen to in the future. Now I'm completely lost and unable to look at any of those stats.
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Shane Burdette

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Also, the loss of the taste-o-meter. That's why I followed people and became friends with them.......
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I hope it will be brought back.
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Well said. Why is it so freaking hard to say: "Dear users, you are right. We screwed up. It seems like we're not pleasing anyone with this new site, therefore we'll be switching back to the beloved old site. Sorry for any inconvenience caused."? And don't give us this "sooooo much effort and time went into designing a new website". We all know a 15 year old with a basic knowledge of web design could come up with a better site in one week.
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no now they need time also for mocking us. some users who are with staff activelly work now on posts for making fun of all users who complain :)
they are really sure busy to enjoy all of this~
I am really sorry that I all this time gave some hope and belief to this site and people working on it.
total disappoint.
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jr leonetti

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Amen brother. I feel like I'm using this site more out of habit or some weird nostalgia now. They have completely crushed's original spirit. I blame the CBS buyout. This site is just so anti-social now.

edit: I meant to respond to the original comment, but we're in agreement, so whatevs.
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Couldn't say it better than this
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Margita Eriksson

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Agree 100% with Esther Haaijman !!!  And I want to add that I miss the litlle 'listening-icon'. I can't see now which one of my friends is listening ... And why don't the friends get alphabetically listed??? And why no "About me" section? THIS NEW LAST.FM IS A TOTAL FAILURE as far as I am concerned.  Then again, I am NOT surprised ... has gone from bad to worse once before 

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