Things I'd like to address concerning the new launch.

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Dear management; just what were you thinking? I am shaking my head left and right, and I am searching all the corners of my brain to come up with a small positive point, but the website's future is so dark right now that I cannot even find the slightest hint of a light.

You can't please everyone all the time, but this update is pleasing nobody. In an attempt to look modern and futuristic, this just looks cluttered and absolutely pulled out of proportions.

Let's start with the dimensions. I use a 1366x768 monitor and I have to zoom out to 75% in Chrome to make the website look at least somewhat presentable. What is up with the big and pompously obvious images? Where is the sleek design, the ability to overview your entire page in one simple, clean look? It just doesn't work for smaller monitors or laptops, and not everyone has a 24" monitor, you know?

Second, why switch to "title — artist", instead? This way, your list does not align if you are listening to the same artist for a while. Tell me, what looks cleaner, this:
Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song
Led Zeppelin - Friends
Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day
Led Zeppelin - Since I've Been Loving You
Led Zeppelin - Out On the Tiles
Or this:
Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin
Friends - Led Zeppelin
Celebration Day - Led Zeppelin
Since I've Been Loving You - Led Zeppelin
Out On the Tiles - Led Zeppelin
The answer is very clear, I'd say. Obviously the first option is the neat and correct way to present a tracklist. I don't know what it's been changed for, rebellious attitude?

There are a lot more issues, and I'd like to address all of them. Another one I have found is circular imagery. Why? The entire community has spent years and years perfecting the system for image rendering, and this worked perfectly for the square images we had. You are aware of bands and groups, yes? This means a picture will contain more than one individual, and with these circular images most of them will fall out of the picture. Another working feature, ruined.

More for you. A lot of people have added artists to their libraries for future reference. You were able to add these artists without having to scrobble actual songs from them. All artists with zero scrobbles have been deleted from people's libraries. What if you forgot a name, or what the artist looked like? All of people's search has been for nothing, and with this I'd like to address something else as well, namely that it is becoming increasingly difficult to discover new artists with this system. Recommended artists show only ten features and the information on them is scarce when giving it a quick first glance. 

Some other issues I don't want to go into further detail with, but I suppose you can figure out these faults by yourselves:

No more journals.
No more neighbours.
No more groups.
No more top listeners.
No more customization of top artists.
No more album art display when currently listening to a song.
No possibility to choose how many tracks or artists will be displayed.
Can't sort lists by alphabet.
Low resolution top album banner (why is this necessary?)
No about section.

This is what I and my friends have currently found that we will dearly miss about 

What people want is a clean-looking database of what they have listened to. It was fancy as it was, and if it isn't broken, don't try and fix it. Actually, the broken features were things we would have loved to see restored, like a proper option for fixing tags, a proper option to scrobble cached tracks, or the ability to choose your own photo if an artist shared a page with another. That was pretty much... everything, that needed to be fixed? You have now broken an almost flawlessly working system. And we are very upset and disappointed.

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Posted 4 years ago

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I agree on so many points that you have brought up. I cannot capitalize enough on how much the deleted artists that I had zero scrobbles on screwed me over. I like to add new ones to remember to listen to them, or because I know them but don't necessarily listen to them on my computer. Extremely disappointed with this new site.

Wish we had the option to switch back to the old one. I don't even understand why they thought they needed to change it in the first place. The old one was clean, easy to navigate and was organized.
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On top of everything else, why do we now have to sign up or sign in to another website (whether it's facebook, google, or in order to leave feedback that we used to leave in forums on's own site?
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It's the same thing that happened with Youtube and Instagram, and now it's's turn. It just had to happen. The whole 'futuristic-looking' crap is pure cancer. 
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Well said, I agree with almost everything here. The redesign has been mismanaged from the beginning. All of my feedback has been ignored and I will find myself using the site less because of this. 
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This new design trend seems to be all about simplicity (done wrong) and touch-friendlyness.
But all the current look of does is making it harder or even impossible to access information and statistics. Also a lot of social features have gone missing like the custom sidebar and taste-o-meter. Also.. "followers" instead of friends? Seriously?
I think it's certainly the wrong way, especially for a page that is all about information, statistics and user interaction.

P.S. Good job on the new gif converter though. All profile pic look a lot nicer now.
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this is really horrible. I've sunk hours into this site and I loved it and now it's gone for no good reason.
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hours?  If you're being totally honest, it's more likes months... or years.     We are all equally gutted :(
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Yeah, being that some users have been using this site for at least 6+ years, l couldn't imagine how much they have lost with this "re-design".
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That's me..  Signed up June 2008...almost 200,000 scrobbles later here we are.  I feel so let down by!
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same except for me it's eight years. eight. years.
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I want the social features back. This is no social network this way and that was just what I liked about it :(
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You summed it quite nicely. A lot better than I could have.

In particular, what bothers me is the new library layout. I absolutely loved the way that libraries looked and loved browsing through other users' libraries. Now, it's just a bunch of bars, which by way are incorrect as a lot of our scrobbles are missing. While stats are interesting, these graphs are redundant. I do not care to know when I started scrobbling a song. I do not care to know which year I scrobbled a song the most/least. If I wanted a bar graph of my listening habits, I would use Microsoft Excel. What on earth was going through the developers minds when they were designing this?! It's an absolute downgrade and we want the old layout back!
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But I do care about that, actually. I think it's nice to know. But that doesn't mean I'm okay with the way things are displayed right now. Those bars suck, I want the pictures back! And not five, but all of them, God damn it!
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My soul has been shattered into 5 pieces. 4 small ones, and 1 big one. Been scrobbling for over 7 years, I am truley mortified and feel like it was all a waste
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100% agreed! Bring us back the original look! It's soo simple but so easy to use and very comfortable feeling. I just get irritated browsing through the new look. 
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Why change something that works and makes everyone happy? I know you have to adapt to times and new trends and all that stuff, but why does it have to be so radically and confusingly different? 

- This new interface is not friendly at all, too radically different of what one is used to know and love.
- Why you put the title of the song first and then the artist? that's confusing to the eye.
- Where are the options to view libraries by alphabetical order?
- No taste-o-meter? REALLY?? so this is not a community where you know what you have in common with other users anymore? TOO SAD.
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1Sopel6 .

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I haven't noticed that they deleted the unscroblled artists, I could take most of the changes but this? I've lost my whole database of artists to check out later has just vanished. Over 2,000 artists! Seriously, that was like, the best feature on
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Oh what a mess. As I listen behind a company firewall I now cannot access anything, since Spotify is the default player and Spotify isn't allowed on our systems. 

In the drive to go "responsive" Last.FM has lost everything that made it unique. 

(If there's any way through preferences to turn on YouTube once more, can someone let me know? Otherwise, well, I'm gone.)
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Totally agree with the original poster. As far as I'm concerned they have completely ruined this site. I can no longer see all my charts on the main page, they've removed the about section, and the whole re-design does not look very good. 

I am at a complete loss to understand why they have gone live with this new design, as people where complaining about just these issues during the beta.
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TOTALLY AGREE. I'm so sad. So sad and angry... :( I'm afraid I won't use any more. It's awful now and completely unuseful.
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Normally I would just stop using for anything but data collecting, but it isn't even scrobbling all of my plays, and universal scrobbler won't work now :(
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We can't even see how compatible our music taste are with other users
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yeah that's so sad. this was one of the best thing in ;_;
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Totally agree. This update sucks. I'm so sad that we can't no longer choose artwork on album page. I use to tag my songs and I like the 500x500 png pattern but now it's gone. If we click on the artwork will send to spotify. Fuck spotify and fuck new
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Agree 100% with what you said. Sadly I did get to see the preview, even left some similar feedback, but doesn't appear much has changed. I'm fine with new aesthetics and design choices but removing functionality and features is not good.
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Well put.
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Thank you Esther for so eloquently stating the case for restoring the old format. The vast majority of users would agree too!
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Very well written post by the OP (more civil than my initial reaction post). For what it's worth, alin1 has some scripts which may help improve the way you view the new site. There's also a script to flip song - artist back to artist - song.

And lastly, a petition!
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These are very helpful!
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Dear people, please continue adding your comments, it is the greatest chance we have to see old features return, and perhaps a chance on seeing bits and pieces of the old layout restored.

I reckon that the staff is very overwhelmed by this negative feedback, but it is unfortunate that we are receiving so few words by them. If someone were to create a list of statistics for this commentary, I'd say that perhaps 1 in every 5000 users are (mildly) satisfied. A new launch shouldn't go this dramatically.
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While I agree that people should and must continue voicing their dissatisfaction with comments on here and any other social platform, like twitter or fb, I believe that the only thing that will make notice will be if each and every user that doesn't like the new site simply stops using it. stop scrobbling, stop visiting, take a break and give them the time (weeks, months) that they apparently need to improve it and add features back. Just stop scrobbling. That they will notice I can guarantee you.

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