This new site will be used in Digital Marketing classes globally in the next 5 years...

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As an example of how not to build a UGC community platform that alienates your entire community. No-one listened to feeback from users and they just went and ploughed ahead with changes so that they can generate more advertising revenue.

Disabling the Delete Account function is sneaky as well because the one thing you don't want to get out into the digital media sphere is that thousands of users in your active user base deleted their accounts within hours of a change over because they hates it.

Thankfully, Twitter still exists to vent. 
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Posted 4 years ago

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First Last

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An incredible display from the butthurt CBS management.
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Emil Ekholm

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CBS aside, I don't think is a noteworthy site to general audiences.
And the soulless hacks that study and perform marketing would never support backing down from bad feedback - only doubling down and silencing the dissenters.
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not it won't, because no one will give a fuck about this site, because we're the only people that still gave a shit and we'll all be long-gone from this site by then
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You're my new favorite person on here. We should be friends.
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You're goddamn right.
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The Legless Eel of Desperation

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Isn't a digital marketer the sort of person who'd think this whole re-design is a good idea?

"No-one listened to feedback from users ... ploughed ahead with changes ... generate more advertising revenue."

Reads like excerpts from a digital marketing porn pamphlet, unless I've misunderstood what a digital marketer's philosophy actually is, or what they're for. What's the point of them, again?
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This reminds me Foursquare/Swarm.
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This reminds of the Digg re-design disaster that completely shattered its userbase.
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The ironic thing is, for advertising revenue to work, people have to see the adverts. Noone is gonna be here to see them, therefore there will be no revenue. Its a bit like putting up loads of fancy billboards on the side of a highway, then destoying the highway so noone can ever use it
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There have been many metaphors used to describe Last.FM, but this one is just perfect.
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The ironic thing is that using Chrome with Ad-Blocker plugin disables any advertising. 
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ahaha)) exactly:)

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