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Am I SUPPOSED to not be able to scrobble in my own time zone? -_-
No option, as far as I can see, to change the time zone from whatever it is now... unless it's hiding right there in plain sight and I'm just a complete idiot.
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Posted 5 years ago

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Nah, you're not an idiot.  The people running this site are.  They said the time zone issue would be fixed weeks ago, and it still hasn't been.  I have no idea what the hold up is.  All they need to do is restore the option in the settings where you can change the time zone depending on where you live, like the old site had.  Shouldn't be too hard.
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bump. is there really still no way to set the time zone? I'm usually playing something every day so I see "x hours ago", but just realized it's in UTC. 
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Man, I just realized my new phone was not scrobbling--then I went to the website to check and see how far back in time the issue was occurring.

This made me think I was going crazy! I'm looking through my history and seeing a boatload of tracks scrobbled at 4am - 6am... and of course, I don't think I've ever listened to music at that time.  I know time zones aren't easy to implement, but damn, you couldn't at least write "UTC" there?! For my sanity?
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One of my fav features is clicking my scrobbles, then clicking listening history, etc, etc, right down to the days of the month. I love to compare which days I listen more/less but it's so agonizing not having proper numbers.

They've said to be fixed ASAP 5 months ago.
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I love doing this too, and yep, having wrong times is driving me mad. So annoying to see I played half of an album on one day and half on another because it switched over to UTC midnight while I was listening at 5pm my time. :/


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Any update on the status of this?
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I noticed this and it is the dumbest thing ever to see that I been listening to my music in the 10 pm plus time when I actually was 8 hours earlier than that. Not having this is stupid, because now if you got friends and followers, then they would think I listen to my music at late night. I rather people think I listen during the day. Apparently, they do not care because it is still months after this thread was started. Do they even support their support for their website at all? Looks like not. I mean still in beta too. How long does beta take. Not as long as the developers really make it. I know google gmail was beta for years but really it was not that much different from when they first started gmail and not being beta. So leaving it in beta is stupid to me too, especially when they are going to continue fixing and updating it after it goes out of beta anyways. Not that many smart people with companies anymore. We losing the smart people or they just plain don't care anymore now a days. Just because I post this probably be 2 year after this replies about why they never still added this feature.

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