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Okay, I am trying to edit the wiki for the band Offspring (last.fm/music/+noredirect/Offspring/+wiki/edit), which should not be confused with the popular punk band.

I discovered that a band called "Offspring" released one single for RCA Records in the 70's, but this musician's website is the only source I could find: http://www.bobyeazel.com/Bluetones.htm http://www.bobyeazel.com/relatedartis...

The problem when I tried to add this info is "There was an unexpected error. Try again?" I tried to save my edit again and still got the error message.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Confirmed! I see the same result.
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Yes, you can't edit the wiki of redirected artists.
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And why can I not edit redirects?

Okay, I've flagged "Offspring" as a correct tag for the 70's band.
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Offspring is also the name of a UK punk band.
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It's been two months, and I still can't edit any redirect wikis. Please give me a reason for the error message.


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As far as I know redirects can not be turned off until the bugs are worked out on the new release catalogue (it may corrupt the data or something).
That you can't edit redirected artists sort of makes sense, but then it perhaps should display the bio of the artists it's redirected to.
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That you can't edit the wikis of noredirect artists is actually a bug, which is a known issue. You should be able to edit them, or view existing ones where they are available, but this is erroring.

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Hi Laura, 10 months ago it was a known issue. Is it still a known issue?
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It's still an unresolved issue, yes.
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Any news about this bug? I can't edit https://www.last.fm/music/+noredirect/Big+Hogg bio.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Can not write/modify wiki for redirected artists.

There are a lot of other posts about wrong redirects, but I wanted to have this particular one distinct on it's own:
This artist: "Ludicrous" gets automatic redirected to "Ludacris".

I wanted to add some wiki to Ludicrous, using the "noredirect" :
but whatever I write, I cannot save anything.
And I am pretty sure this is due to that "noredirect".

Is there anything that can be done ?

What is even more puzzling is that Ludicrous already has 3 profile images:
And the images are pretty old (the oldest is from 2009).
So the decision to re-direct them to Ludacris is rather new, probably after the switch to this new interface.

Really, isn't there anything to do about this redirect ?

Besides me hating to have my Ludicrous scrobbles being displayed as for Ludacris (I really do not like rap music, and I don't want any such artist in my library...), I want to add some info (wiki) for this band and it seems that this redirect do not allow me to do it.