Unique artist pages (including merging of name variations for the same artist)

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This is part idea and part question.

I seem to recall reading somewhere on the old forums (I suspect in the beta feedback forums) that you were looking at making artist pages more unique to a single artist with the new Last FM, sourcing from multiple information sites. Did I imagine this, or is this an intention? If not, can you look into it please? By this I mean so pages don't have to have "X refers to at least Y different artists including..." in their wiki/bios.

Successfully creating genuinely unique artist pages would also remove the petty image battles that go on between users. For example, on the artist page for Dream (which included the P Diddy girl group and a Japanese girl group), this pettiness even managed to devolve into casual racism - which was nice...

On a related note, is it possible to look into merging artist pages where the names have minor variations/typos, but are actually the same (often solo) artist, so it's nonsensical for them to be split. For example: Mýa/Mya, Sophia Somajo/Soso, Siobhán Donaghy/Siobhan Donaghy, Billie Piper/Billie - I'm sure there will be many others, but these are some of the ones pertinent to me.

Since the core point of Last FM, including its latest iteration, is surely the listening stats of users, this kind of thing strikes me as rather important for achieving the most accurate and meaningful stats for users and artists/labels alike.
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Posted 4 years ago

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This isn't to the core of what you are asking, but staff has stated that artist disambiguation is planned in the near future.

Link: https://getsatisfaction.com/lastfm/topics/uploading-your-own-artist-picture
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Ah good to hear! I hope "near future" will mean within the next few months at the outside if at least part of the impetus for creating this new version of Last FM was this...
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Hello. I have a similar problem. Two artist pages with the same artist names and tracks. One of which was created by me, and the other - result of the scrobbling. Why they have not yet been merged?

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There's two pages because the second one is using a different character set for the é.  This should be fixed once we launch the new catalogue.
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...And what is that, "the new catalogue"?
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Ok, I'll wait. Thanks for your prompt response.
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I would also like to bring up the issue of the disambiguation between albums and singles with the same name.
I noticed in the past the album pages all got merged, once the single was out:

(There used to be tracklists for those albums but now they're gone.)

Will anything be done about this?
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I hope this will be addressed too!
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I have the similar issue that my band keeps getting scrobbled along with these guys;


Is there anyway to separate them? 

The band in question is

Music is a completely different band from different sides of the world.
Both do however have the exact same name..

Both band come up separate when listening through the likes of iTunes.
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