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Is there a way to rate albums on the site like IMDB does with movies.
Is not enough put Metacritic rating.
This feature is more democratic and could be revolutionary.

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I'm not really sure if it is more democratic than Scrobbles, but it could be a second opinion.
But what for is this helpful?. Don't you create a ranking, which lead the users to the top of the charts which in turn makes the world of music smaller? However.
Maybe the more important question is, which system could be helpful to develop your musical personality and taste without falling into a mainstream trap or the also stupid generation/culture capsule. The recommandations should be a part of it, but work not very well.
My main reason to become a member was the neighbourship system. I guess, the best system to explore the world of music based on your own taste. But this was cut off together with other important tools. Now looks like a shadow of itself. In between I wait for their reinstallation. ...
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Personally, I'm not a fan of trying to rate music out of an arbitrary scoring system (5 stars, 10/10, 100%, etc). I think it still works for cinema and games, but imo music is harder to quantify and reviews are becoming less relevant when you can just listen to a new release online and make up your own mind. That's just my opinion though; as a site feature I can see why many people would find this appealing.

In fact, I've said before (on the old forums) that I'd definitely be interested to see album pages support user submitted album reviews, as they remain some of the most under-utilised pages on the site.  If nothing else, it's a good way of promoting music discussion, and it would probably be quite straightforward to add a 5-stars rating option next to each shout on album pages so people can rate them when they post.  However, I think Steam's approach for encouraging people to write game reviews and recommendations is a pretty successful one, and I wouldn't mind seeing album shoutboxes or journals evolve into something more akin to that.  
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You should check out the site: 
It's a whole ecosystem of recommendations, ratings and reviews. I think would navigate in that direction.
We must have the opportunity to upload the album information such as track listing, release date, link ratings and reviews of sites specializing in music, label, genre of music.
Another point with which I disagree, they must qualify from the time the album is heard, because they might be filtered before, or has not yet been uploaded album information to
Of course there are many features, but I'll settle for this moment to qualify albums

Thanks for your comments.
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I would be nice to have a space for user's reviews for a album and maybe people could hit a "like button" so the most liked review would be highlighted.
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Why not just head over to There you can rate and make your own charts of best ever music etc. etc... :) I use it as a second source to for finding new music too..

IMO, I don't think album ratings is something should consider - at this stage at least - there's simply a million other things that need to get sorted first.