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From today, a small number of you will begin to see some exciting updates to the website. Here’s what you can expect:

Fully redesigned artist, album and track pages

We’ve updated these pages, giving them a fresh new look and a better layout. We’ve also added some more data and improved the functionality of these pages. Here’s what you can expect:

  • A new header that better shows off the artist image and gives every artist page a unique look and feel
  • More metadata on artist pages (e.g. when an artist was born, when a band was formed, etc.) and similar artists shown at the top of the page for easier exploration
  • Events are back! We’re now showing some upcoming events on the artist overview page.
  • A new scrobble stats graph on all pages, which shows the last 6 month listening trend (look out for those Christmas spikes)

  • Bigger album artwork on the album page. No need to expand any more!
  • Album tracklists can now be sorted by popularity, allowing you to easily see which tracks are the most popular on an album
  • We’re now showing similar albums on album pages, and more similar tracks on track pages
  • We’re also now showing some artist info and similar artists on album and track pages, so it’s easier for you to learn more about any new music you discover
  • For those of you browsing the website on your phone, the mobile experience on these pages has been vastly improved with a better mobile layout and finger-friendly tap targets

Updated tracklist and chart design across the whole website

In tandem with the artist, album and track page redesigns, we’re rolling out a new tracklist and chart design to the whole website. This update brings some usability improvements and provides additional functionality:

  • Tracklists now lead with the track title (or album title if it’s a list of albums), for better information hierarchy and for consistency with most other music players
  • Tracklists without chart bars now use a 2 column layout, which makes it easier to scan through a list and distinguish track titles from artist names
  • We’re now showing album artwork in tracklists whenever we can. Click the album art to go straight to the album page!
  • Chart bars can now be scaled to any size, allowing them to more accurately represent trends
  • We’ve added some useful options to the more menu (accessible by hovering on a row and clicking the the 3 dots icon, or by tapping the 3 dots icon on mobile). For example, you can go straight to your library from your recent tracks.
  • On mobile, you can now see which tracks you have loved in a tracklist, and also love or unlove a track directly from the more menu!
  • We’ve also made tap targets bigger on mobile, so it’s much easier to tap on the correct link or icon when browsing.

Other small design changes

You’ll also notice some other small design changes across the whole website, for example:

  • New button styles
  • Some new icons
  • A fun new love button animation! <3

Please note...

Not everyone will be able to see these design changes right away. We will be rolling them out to a small percentage of users first, while we monitor performance and fix any bugs. Eventually, all users will see the design changes. Additionally, some artist, album and track sub-pages will have the new design, but there are some that we’re still working on. These will be updated soon.

We’ll be continuing to roll out these new styles to more pages in the future, but for now we hope you enjoy the new designs. Please let us know your thoughts and if you spot any problems.

Thanks as always for your support.

Team x
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Paul, Alum

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Posted 2 years ago

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I just noticed that in the new website design, it doesn't seem to be possible anymore to save for example an album cover image from the website to your computer. It doesn't support .jpeg for some reason. Instead it is a web-based (WEBP) file that isn't supported to view as an image. Is this some sort of bug?
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No, it's not a bug, you still can save them. You need to open the image in a new tab and replace .webp# and following numbers/letters with .jpeg or .png on page URL. And then just save it.
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Cornel Diaconu

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Actually, no, that image is not simply a JPG file renamed in WEBP to obfuscate the users :-)
It's a totally different image format (do a little search for webp files and see for yourself who invented it :-) )
If your photo opening software conveniently opens this type of file, then you're a bit lucky.
But, on the other hand, a lot of softwares are capable of doing this, so no than much lucky (for instance the default Windows Photo Viewer does open them decently, Paint is opening them, Irfanview is opening them, the browsers are opening them - it goes without saying,  a.s.o.) -- I was testing this on a Windows 10 system.

Can you detail, @Arjen, what did you try with this file, when saying "it isn't supported to see as an image" ?

The problem is if you really need that file in a JPG format, in which case you need to convert it from WEBP to JPG; but I found several websites that are doing this OK, and for free.
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I didn't say that it's renamed JPG, just provided instructions on how to save it as JPG for Chrome users (didn't test with other browsers though). The fact is that WEBP is not supported by most browsers yet so there still are JPG or PNG copies of images available (the format in which it was originally uploaded).

P.S. I used to work on small image optimization project so I know what WEBP is and who invented it :)
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Cornel Diaconu

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Ah, okay.
But your workaround needs an extra step first, to be more clear :-)
First you need to right-click the image on artist page, and chose option "Copy image address";
(this on Chrome;
strange enough, when doing this on Firefox you get this URL directly with JPG ending ! no need to edit it; I wonder if this is a bug of Firefox, or a feature :-) )

than go to a new tab, paste and enter and ... there you'll have the file as you described, where you can indeed manually edit and place JPG instead of .webp.... etc
When saving this file, I've tested it and is indeed a real JPG file, not a WEBP renamed as JPG.

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