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Hi all,

Sprint 189 has been released.

  • Allow users to sort shouts by newest or recently popular
  • Fix language bar nagging users

We're currently working on: ordering albums by release date, setting event search radius, and continuing to look at shout notifications.

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James Scott, Alum

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Posted 4 years ago

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Somehow I get the feeling James doesn't really enjoy posting these updates anymore.
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No Nrg

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Guys please enable venue creation. Can we move this to the top of the priority list? There are so many new venues that it's impossible to create events for them. The world keeps moving but lastfm is still stuck in 2015.
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We're currently working on: ordering albums by release date, setting event search radius, and continuing to look at shout notifications.
What about Various Artists albums in charts? Sprint over 9000 I guess?
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Patrik Ďurica

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Took a year but I finally managed to like the site.
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James L.

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Can we at least get an option to decide on how we want a page's shout box to be listed? I want shouts to be organized by most recent, not most popular. If someone prefers most popular then that's great for them, but I prefer most recent. Having to change it manually every time I visit a page is annoying.
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Tom Stephen

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I think it's better sort by "new" as default. Just to avoid confusion and something James Joul said - to avoid "self-likeness". :')
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James Joul

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Yes, I think that's one problem with having "recently popular" as the default. But that probably wouldn't be such a big issue. Like with artists pictures, it's abused by some but generally it's not a big problem. I'm still not sure why we're able to upvote our own shouts with this system though. That seems like an obvious flaw. 

My main issue is that a lot of people voiced their opinions in the shoutbox update thread saying that they prefer shouts to be sorted by newest first and that they didn't care for the idea of sorting them by popularity. As usual went ahead and added what we didn't want anyway, without a setting to change for users who don't wish to see all shouts ordered by popularity. 
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James Scott, Web dev lead
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Wow only 24 likes which weren't his own.
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If I set the default shout sorting to Newest on a page, then this should become the default shout sorting on all pages on for me from now on until my settings are changed again. This way, I won't have to change the sorting to Newest every single time since I don't care about Recently Popular. Just like my page, where I select how my Top Artists and Albums are visible, it should be a setting.

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