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How are ya?

Today we released Sprint 173 (finally, right?). Here's what's in it:
  • A redesigned header
  • A redesigned gallery page
  • Image uploading
  • Image voting
We're also almost done with Sprint 174 which contains some library page design changes. We'll hopefully release that later this week. 

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James Scott, Web dev lead

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Posted 4 years ago

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david dias

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The Up/Down it's not working at all, at list on this picture, can someone remove it please? Because It's not even a picture of the group.
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Avenir Luna

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Thanks so much for bringing back upload images and cover! Also I like the redesigned header and gallery page, it takes less much space than before. Although uploading is not the issue one, I assume all images which we upload being forced to fit the width of library? I don't think .png images disappeared, but they forced to fit it.

Also many glitches which can't be ignored like can't vote images, some cover albums still not appear in the recent tracks, and wrong spelling track songs.
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it might seem like a stupid question, but where exactly can i upload an album cover?

i see the "add image" button for the artist pics, but none for albums
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When you go to an album page there's 4 buttons at the top that say "Overview Wiki Artwork Shouts"
Click on Artwork and there's an upload artwork button.
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It seems a lot of pictures I've uploaded are now in crappy JPG-quality instead of the HQ PNG i've used. WHY??
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Andreas Smulders

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So. To summarize the bugs/issues with this sprint so far:

- Images are being converted from .png to .jpeg, resulting in quality loss and blurry results
- Upvote/downvote isn't working on images
- Newly added artwork is not showing up in recently played tracks
- A lot of useless white space between the header and "now playing" on profile pages
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I bet the image conversion isn't a bug. jpg filesizes are generally a lot smaller - especially with larger images - so I'd guess (for now at least) they're thinking compress heavily so that mobile users don't suffer. Funnily enough though, I uploaded 2 images yesterday, one colour and black & white - coloured one has lost a lot of the quality, but black and white looks perfect. I wonder if they're compressing to a maximum filesize, so coloured images suffer more because of the amount of colour data?

Edit: I see the voting issue now. Works on some images, but not on others:
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Andreas Smulders

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You are correct, I added the word "issues" to underline not all these things are bugs, per se.
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"We'll have a fix out for that soon." :-I
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under recent tracks you don't necessarily see the album image, if the album has no tracklist on, then playing the track will show no artwork
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Thank you! Image uploading/voting is the update I've wanted the most. Now I'm looking forward for tools to delete an entire artist/clearing library, and more things into friends socializing.
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I can not wait for music tags under the account name... it was very good idea.
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Only 3 of 16 albums I've played in the last day have album art correctly displaying in Recent Tracks, even after I've uploaded the cover art for the album.
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Elliot Robinson

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Yes, that's because the two things are different issues. Last FM giving us the ability to upload images again wasn't ever going to fix the Recent Tracks issue, to be fair. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon.
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Wouldn't it be wonderful if we got to choose which picture appears as the artist's pic in our own profile? Is that doable?
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Other than fixing up lots of little things, like timezone settings, a fix to that recently played album art bug and seeing who attended shows, the next big "update" I'm waiting for is the return of the neighbors page.
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Green Greens

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Can we trade that for the username changing feature? 
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Hans-Jürgen, Moderator

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See the new announcement thread from today for Sprint 174 with new library features and bugfixes.

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