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What ho!

Sprint 172 is out now. Here's what's in it...

  • Profile chart customisation - select style and number of items
  • Show album art in recent tracks
  • Recent tracks customisation - turn artwork on/off and select number of items
  • Video suggestion - add related YouTube videos to tracks
  • Add title text descriptions for user station buttons
  • Include loved track stat and metadata links in header
  • Add 180 day range to personal charts
  • Increase number events displayed per page
  • Don't include ad scripts on secure pages
  • Include date filter in profile "more" links
  • Fix bug which prevented events appearing on artist pages
Sprint 173 is mostly about image galleries and uploading. Mostly. API account creation should be released before the end of the next sprint, we'll update you separately once it's out.

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James Scott, Alum

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Posted 5 years ago

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I love that the album art is back next to the song. Any news on whether or not the "about me" section will be restored to allow images and more text?
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a moll f Gittler

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Well, album art ist back and we got some fancy new top-categories with huge picture of the albums and artist, but we still can't upload new album art. Hmh. Will this feature be included in the next update? I'm actually quite optimistic after the last updates.
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From the OP:
Sprint 173 is mostly about image galleries and uploading
So sounds fairly hopeful.
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Darren Paradissis

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James L.

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Really wish uploading album artwork was added to this one, would have been a perfect fit, but it's nice to see artwork next to recently scrobbled and # of loved tracks again.
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Try turning it on, maybe?
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It is on.
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Hey, I remember you~ :D Good to still see you here!

Just thought I'd throw in my own example of what I have:

Most of my artwork is displaying but I see some sort of pattern... "and Zero" and "Phenomenon" for instance are both registered on the same album and are exactly that way in my iTunes, however, "and Zero" is on the second disc and that seems to be why the artwork isn't showing up.
The Kanye West song should also be displayed up but I think it has to do with the fact that the name with the featured artists isn't registered with an album cover.
Meanwhile, everything works fine on my scrobbler...

Maybe your issues are related...?
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@SillyMusicLover: Sorry, I'm an idiot.
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You have no idea how much more appealing(look-wise) and orderly eight artist vs. five is, this hopefully is a good direction to continue, would it be asking too much to get Justin Beiber’s mug shot off  the site homepage?
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Great, love seeing the little album art next to my recent tracks. 

James, is there any ETA on username changing yet? Also, will we ever be able to reset library again (like we could before the update)?
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Speaking for myself; you think I am deliberately posting provocative messages, causing disruption and argument with sarcastic remarks (trolling).

I just asked if you were the new party pooper in relation to your remarks lately, I did not ask the kettle if it were calling itself black.

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touché lol
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LastFm staff any timeframe on when we will be able to delete albums & artists from our profiles?

Thanks for the latest updates.
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Mad Flowslove

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finally charst customisation yay 
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Great news! This makes a huge difference for me. Now I can return to my old habit of compulsively checking my profile.
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YAAAYYY!!!! This was the most important thing for me.

I have always liked doing 8 artist pictures for 7 days and top 50 artist chart. I felt it gave the most well-rounded overview of my listening habbits. To be honest... i think that it is more precise to have top 8 album pictures. But also, 8 7day top artist pictures and top 50 all time albums is good... decisions, decisions.

So I am pretty happy with this change.
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Jim Anderson

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This was huge for me. A top 5 showed nothing of any interest really. Great to have some form of customisation back!
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glad to see some progress.
once the next sprint is out and we can upload album art,
you guys should do something about the ab me section.

it already seems like the site is returning to it's former self
so that would be the icing on the cake.
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You didn’t know? 

They are going to put a digital pinball machine in the monster white space.

This was a good update though, hopefully since it was at least mentioned uploading would be to follow? I am wondering why all the info, gadgets and images were left from users old profiles, and why it is tucked & locked down? I have never seen an answer to that from staff.

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nice to FINALLY have album artwork next to recently played tracks, ta. though, at the moment, with album artwork missing most of the time for new releases it's just another thing that looks broken. and i guess we'll have to wait for at least another two weeks for image uploading to be restored? well, now i am being all whiny. soz. also thanks for chart customization. all in all, it's starting to feel right again. 
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Thaks for cool upgrade !
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This is awesome but I'm having a lot of missing artwork, for example when I play an album with bonus tracks that are not included in the version on, or when a track is misspelled in the official tracklisting and I scrobble the correct one, it doesn't show the covers.
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Love the update. Big step in the right direction from my perspective. Thanks!
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Thanks for the update, but the same that other people say, it's very strange to be listening to an album and having different artworks for each song. I remember this happened in a very old version of LastFM and it was fixed, so I suppose it can be fixed again...
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Elliot Robinson

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Last FM needs to make it so the artwork shown is that of the album/single/etc you're scrobbling the track from (like it used to), rather than the (primary?) associated release in the Last FM database, especially as many releases are associated with random compilation releases.

Hopefully this is just a temporary glitch that will be rectified in the next sprint...
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Yes exactly - it shows the primary associated album of a song you're scrobbling.
And it shows no album art if a song is'nt connected to an official uploaded/created album in . I hope this will be changed back as it was in the old release.
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And user-uploaded cover art doesn't show at all. Only artwork that has been uploaded by labels is recognised, presumably? That's like half of my music collection still naked.
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Great update! And looking forward to when we can finally upload album art again.

As far as it displaying the wrong artwork: I've been noticing this in my library since the new site launched, and now it's even more apparent with the artwork being re-added to the recent tracks. It doesn't seem to be going by the tag data I've got in iTunes and submitting through the client. I've been wondering what database it's been getting album data from, assuming that's what it's doing.
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severalgecko .

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With the profile chart customization back, I can comfortably say that for me the panic is over and I'll be using this site as much as I used to before the redesign. Thanks. 
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VirtualLionelMessi .

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I don't even know what profile chart customization is :))) I'm still waiting for real, major changes. Like that first page which still looks awful
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Adrian Matala

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Still waiting for MusicBrainz Id's support to be reintroduced, it's the only way to keep the list of albums clean and consistent.... I hope it will be back soon!
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Neighborrrrrrsss?  C'mon....
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Good stuff!
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Lidija Vogue

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What about covers for new albums? Or images for artists?
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Elliot Robinson

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If you read the whole post...

"Sprint 173 is mostly about image galleries and uploading."
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Good one.
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Thank you for bringing back artwork on the recently played tracks.  :)
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Great update, very happy to see all chart customization functionality has been restored!
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Big thumbs up for reintroducing profile chart customization.  My profile looks a lot better now after replacing the 5 artist pics by the regular list.  The 8 pictures album charts look good as well.
The next update doesn't sound too promising imo (not many things I care for), but feel free to add nice surprises.  Keep going guys.  
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Jess Parkins

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Chart customisation is back. - thank you, you have made my day.

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