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Hi everyone,

We just released Sprint 188. Here's what was in it:

  • Improved feedback when shout actions error
  • Restyled footer, with features carousel

  • Stop unavailable Spotify tracks crashing player
  • Show unavailable message in place of shouts by deleted users
Last week, we also made replying and voting on shouts available to all users. Enjoy.

Right now, we're doing some more work on shout notifications, improving the experience around large conversations, and sorting shouts by popularity.

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James Scott, Web dev lead

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Posted 3 years ago

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Here's some advice: start implementing the stuff people have been asking for SINCE LAST AUGUST, and stop implementing stuff NO ONE HAS EVER ASKED FOR. I asked for Neighbors and Top Listeners a year ago, both things have been Planned since then. For over a year (before that they were actually implemented, remember when you took them away?). Who asked for an "improved" footer? Who asked for follower/following system? Who asked for this "beta" at all, it seems you people don't actually care much for the users of the site. What about groups/forums, the most social thing on The About Me? How can you personalize something with plain text only. I assume you don't want people to personalize, you want every page too look the same, so it's streamlined, right? Oh, but soon you'll probably release "Personalized Advertisement" to make up for it!

Twelve months have gone by, I had to vent.
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Agreed with all of this, it's totally discouraging how little has been done in this time. The fact that we are all still here complaining shows that we have the patience of saints though.
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Caliban Clandestine

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Perhaps the fact we're still here is why they've done so little, clearly they take the users for granted...  
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  • Restyled footer, with features carousel  > it's kinda annoying when adding an event or when uploading images (albumart) - please could it be disabled for those kind of interactive pages. It steals attention at a moment when you're focused on something else.
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It's interesting to note that on any other site following an unanimously negative backlash like this, there would be an apology post by now, some form of a "we're sorry you're unhappy, we hear you, and here's what we're going to do about it", but not on here.

Here, we get nothing. 
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What about last fm playground? Is it ever coming back? Especially the restore tracks function...
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Regarding the current voting for 'Shouts' - I'm only seeing the thumbs up. Is there a thumbs down?
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Sérgio Zambon

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Definitely waiting for a album tag correction!!!
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Don't you think guys you should do something with it?
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To be fair: there was a strong growth since the mid-August 2015, when this β was lauched. But then...
I became curious about what happened in early November 2015 that provoked such a decline of the site. I made a little investigation. It was easy. Here's what I found:
Website update - 5th November
Let's take a look at what was in it and what could start this downfall
  • Event creation and editing ["new" feature added, obviously not what I'm looking for]
  • Set playback preferences - choose your preferred playback provider without having to wait for Spotify to start [same]
  • Show a better prompt when Spotify isn't installed [not at all]
  • Show average scrobbles per day on hover [another "new" feature added]
  • Prevent spammers from sending PMs [THAT'S IT!]
  • Support for [artist], [track], [album] and [tag] bbcode tags in wikis
They banned spammers. Spammers have left. Curtain
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Elliot Robinson

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That must be it! Haha
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Just checked to see if there were any improvements over the last few months of my inactivity. Turns out they f*cked it up even more.
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Being able to see our recent activity again would be nice (either on profile or via the 'grapevine' link like on the old site).

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