Website update - 25th January (New music page - subscriber preview)

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Hello friends,

We’ve just released an update. Here’s what’s in it...

New Music Page (Subscriber preview)

We’ve been busy redesigning the music page to better help you find the music you’ll love. We’re still adding the final touches but, because we’re excited to start showing it to people, we wanted to give subscribers a sneak preview.

The redesigned music page is your personalised window into the catalogue. It’s where you can find your recommendations, and what’s currently popular, whenever you’re looking to discover something new. From new artists to read about, interesting tags, tracks to listen to, new releases, and more, the music page should always have something interesting for you.

This change also brings back the dedicated artist recommendations section, as well as adding new pages for track, album, and tag recs.

Oh, and If you're missing the old music page, we've moved it to the new charts section.

We hope you like what we’ve done here. Please let us know what you think.

  • Fixed a problem where track pages were sometimes missing their play button

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James Scott, Web dev lead

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Posted 1 year ago

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This looks prettywell.
I miss from the older website the 'now playing' section that showed what were listening my friends in that moment. I would love if you bring that back
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This was one of my favorite features as well.
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Lower Gets

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Really missing lost of social features. Even likes are not notified
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I'll dump all my 'friends' and block those following me if that feature ever returns. F*k social features.
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James Joul

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I just checked my first page of recommendations and out of the 20 artists listed, I've already Scrobbled 18 of them at least once. When I'm looking for new music, I want new music. 

Well, at least it looks pretty. I hope you intend to improve the recommendation system. All I want is a list of new artists I can discover. Also, please give us the option to dismiss recommendations so I don't have to see the same ones over and over. 
Photo of Jon

Jon, Community & Customer Services

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>>> please give us the option to dismiss recommendations so I don't have to see the same ones over and over. 

We definitely want to do this, though it'll require a bit of thought because we've only done artists in the past.   Once implemented, hopefully it'll address your main concern regarding artist recs.  

>>> I've already Scrobbled 18 of them at least once.  When I'm looking for new music, I want new music. 

Fair enough, that's your preference, but it's by design and it's unlikely to be changed.   I believe the cutoff is between 2-4 scrobbles depending on how recently you scrobbled the artist.

As far as we're concerned, these are valid recommendations that match strongly against a user's listening profile, and it may be the case that they have simply forgotten about these artists or just never got around to them.  e.g. it's recommending me Jay Som and, ok sure, I've scrobbled her twice last month, but for me it's a timely reminder for me to properly check out her music. 

Maybe it's different for you, but I have over 4500 artists with 1 scrobble in my library (some 90 pages worth) -- there's no way I can remember them all, and I'm sure I've missed some good music there.  What I know for sure is that going through my top artists, I can definitely think of ones that I scrobbled once or twice on the recs radio years ago, but didn't truly discover until much later.    If we implemented your suggestion of "new means new", these artists might never come to my attention again.  :? 

Anyway, like I said, dismissing recs is something we definitely want to do, and I'd expect that to address your main concern here.  And there's always page 2 ;) 
Photo of James Joul

James Joul

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That's good to hear. Thanks for the reply. 

About the recommendations with 1-2 Scrobbles... For me, there's a reason artists in my library only have one Scrobble. Either they didn't interest me enough initially to warrant further listening, or I've saved them somewhere to explore at a later date. 

Almost everything on this recommendation page is useless to me. I currently have a backlog of 527 artists that I do like waiting to be explored in more detail. Wouldn't it make more sense to recommend artists I've Scrobbled say 5-10 times? 5 Scrobbles means I liked them enough to check out some of their music and I would welcome those in my recommendations much more than the thousands of artists with 1 Scrobble I've simply passed by and shown no interest in. 

I have no issue finding new material to listen to. But it's a time-consuming process and it would just be nice to visit a page every now and then and find something I might enjoy without searching for it.
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Elliot Robinson

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James, I feel like if you "have a backlog of 527 artists" you really shouldn't be looking for yet more new artists ;-)
Photo of James Joul

James Joul

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Haha, maybe. But discovering new artists is what I love most about music! 

I already spend the vast majority of my listening time exploring those new artists. It's just that my current system leaves me with a virtually unlimited stockpile of great music. It's a rather good issue to have really.  :)

Still, is it too much to ask for some new music on my recommendations page?
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"Recommendations" of course doesn't necessarily mean "you never heard it before". But I also think there should be a stream to recommend music you never scrobbled before. Recommendations are like a Spotify Mix, they can include music you already know, but Spotify also has a stream dedicated to music you probably don't know (Discover Weekly). It only needs to be a copy of the existing recommendations with the condition "exclude tracks in library".
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Hans-Jürgen, Moderator

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I would like to see more play buttons wherever possible, i.e. when hovering artist pictures on the Music page which would play their top tracks list then, not their similar artists radios. Also on recommended tags a play button for the related tag radio and on tag pages play buttons for their top tracks.
Photo of Fergus Duniho

Fergus Duniho

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Seeing some of my recommendations, I would like the ability to mark artists I hate and do not wish to see in my recommendations.
Photo of Hans-Jürgen

Hans-Jürgen, Moderator

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See Jon's reply, dismissing recommendations is under consideration.
Photo of Jon

Jon, Community & Customer Services

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We definitely want to do this.
Photo of AuH2O .

AuH2O .

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Yes but WHEN? It should be top priority. You've said for years that you want to bring this original feature back.
Photo of ZuClann .

ZuClann .

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Waiting +2-3 years... They don't need a focus group, they need to do useless updates like this one and another 527))))
Photo of Marcel Napalmovich

Marcel Napalmovich

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Same with the neighborhood radio. Waiting for years already. I think it's much more easy to code and to implement than a lot of the newer features.
Photo of Ramunas K Fishermang

Ramunas K Fishermang

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I was exited to hear about it, but reading through comments above I am disappointed that the recommendations involve many artists I have heard before. I think you may need to evaluate your audience a bit, at least some proportion of us are statistics-freaks and I actually do remember around 95% of the artists I have scrobbled. Reminders of music I have heard before are not interesting at all, because it goes against the concept of discovering something new. 
Photo of Gustavo Trochowski

Gustavo Trochowski

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Are we ever gonne be able to edit album and songs names like you guys promissed ?
Photo of ZuClann .

ZuClann .

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Almost from the very beginning, this devteam with lead James ignore their own focus groups. We are asked for one, for years, they roll out something that nobody needs. This is another such useless update. Amazingly mindless comrades.

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