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Allo Darlin',

We just released Sprint 184. Interesting changes since the last update include:

  • Event shoutboxes are back!
    Old shouts are missing but will return soon.
  • Events posters are back!
    You can see them on event pages and upload them when creating/editing events.

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James Scott, Web dev lead

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Posted 3 years ago

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Ілля Дробчак

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lol, that is really nothing in this update, just as we expected)
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Ілля Дробчак

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Fine four weeks of hard work
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Andre Rodrigues

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The counter on track pages are also fixed. Thanks :)
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James Scott, Web dev lead

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Oh yes, I forgot about that. We fixed a couple of other translations too. Glad it's working for you.
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James Joul

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Any ETA on when the catalogue will be finished? 
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Don't forget to copy/paste your shouts to all the duplicates when posting on events.
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Many events still show up twice in my event list. I have to admit it's gotten better though: I think at one time I had 8 or 9 Wackens there.
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Look Rox has a cool head; pas de souci :)

(he should run for office-huh lol)

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Giannis DK

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hi, when will the Who is Going and Who is Interested in an event, be reintroduced ?
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^^^^^ This is crucial!

I actually met my now wife through this feature a few years ago!
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@ZionEgg CBS has now cut the budget about love
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Website update - 25th February (nothing to see here)
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This is a joke, right?
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So... where's the update description?

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James L.

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Well I am glad to see event shouts are back (posters being back are nice too I suppose), but you guys spent the month doing just that without even adding "who's going/interested" back?

What about fixing the auto corrector for incorrect album titles? You guys had did it before, got me excited, then it glitched out and stopped working, and even though it's been months you guys still never bothered to fix it. Why is that?

Hopefully the reason for this is because you guys were working on the catalogue.
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Elliot Robinson

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I usually try and stay optimistic about these updates - and I'm aware you're doing a lot of work behind the scenes on the database - but this seems rather (dare I say) pitiful, especially when these things are allegedly the noteworthy bits.

Shoutboxes and image uploading for events seem like low priority and minor (cosmetic) things, particularly when it's been a month since the last update. While it shows you're doing something, I'm not sure it's better than silence when the work completed appears so nominal.

I think I'd rather all hands were working on the database rather than faffing about with things like images for events, as much so it can be done and then other things can be addressed.

To echo other people here, is there an ETA for the database...even roughly? Next sprint? Next month? Christmas!?
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jeez, still no groups? 
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VirtualLionelMessi .

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These updates are becoming less in number and with less impact every month. Eventually, we'll get one update per year for changing the year in the footnote: "CBS Interactive © YYYY'
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Never in my life have I seen such disrespect to a user base.

All we are crying out for is the features they had before. Before you, and only you, implemented the half-baked product you call in 2016.

Instead of listening to the concerns of your user base and updating us accordingly with what the bigger plan is, you ignore us and inexplicably give us the finger.

I genuinely hope you realise what you have and realise it soon, because day by day the patience of your user base is wearing thin and soon enough, they'll be no one left to dangle your false promises in front of.
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It's been almost a whole year and lastfm is still a complete mess and I visit some of these profiles and it seems that people have abandon lastfm for good because they have not scrobbled since lastfm went to shit. I don't know if they will return or not, but the way things have gone I do not see that happening, but I could be wrong. I have not scrobbled since October of last year. I just have no desire to scrobble like I once did when lastfm was my favourite site to come and visit. :( I am staring to lose hope.
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They will probably change the colour of something and tell us that they changed the font of something and wait another month for another update.
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We've recently gone live with our new site ten months ago. As we’re doing a final data migration, some almost all functionality may be temporarily forever unavailable. We’re expecting to get these components back up very soon not within the next year – please sit tight don't bother waiting

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