Website update - 3rd May

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Good afternoon,

We've just deployed the following:

Event attendees
See who is attending/interested in an event. You can see a small number of attendees on the event overview page, and the full list on separate pages

Detect lineup clashes
When editing a lineup we'll check to see if that artist is already playing somewhere on that day. This should help cut down on the number of duplicate events being created

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James Scott, Web dev lead

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Posted 2 years ago

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James, do you have - could you post? - a list of features/fixes in progress or coming up (in the next 6 months say) please? It would be really interesting to know.
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It is nice that the attendee list is back, the clash detection is another nice-to-have feature. But in my opinion, it would have been much much more important to allow the creation of new venues. How do you prioritize features?
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Thanks! Love that events are getting some attention now. Would love to be able to create some new venues or have venue pages back next.

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Tim Norton

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James, can you explain me one thing: Why do we need this ENDLESS, EMPTY AND HUGE SPACE?
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James Scott, Web dev lead

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It's where ads go
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Tom Harding

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Really?? Was that a true question or are you that oblivious?
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Useful update and I'm okay with the overall presentation.  Thanks a lot.  
Now I  hope to see the return of Venue Creation very soon.  That would make the event section complete for my interest.  
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Tom Stephen

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Yup, useful in 100%. Not so many changes, but quality is better than quantity. Nice to see the trend of more useful updates recently, so many thanks for this. (also for previous one)
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When we'll have an option to delete a whole album?
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george dedas

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nice update...keep it up like this!
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good to see this changes, but events needs many more to be as useful as it were 2+ years ago ;-)

- venue pages
- venue creation
- venue merge
- event merge
- visible cancelation flag
- one page "edit event"
- list "events created by me"
- poster gallery (if there was more than one poster added)
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Jon, Community & Customer Services

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Thanks for this, I've just been discussing venue creation with the head of the product team. I'm fairly hopeful that this will move forward soon -- we were originally planning to do this for launch, but it became blocked for technical reasonsTM which I believe have since been resolved.  Event cancellation is a bad omission too -- there's no reason not to get that done, time permitting, as there's already checkbox for it.  The other features you mentioned would all be nice additions too.
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+ the possibility to export events i attend to an calendar.
Is the calendar feature ever coming back?
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No Nrg

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Venue creation yes cant wait!
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Venue creation!!!!! come on!!!
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Mezuki Nyami

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continue the good work
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why shoutbox doesn't load on my profile? here
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James Joul

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You may have it disabled in your privacy settings.
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Where have all the Musixmatch lyrics gone from the track pages?
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Hans-Jürgen, Moderator

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Hmm, don't know, will ask. In the meantime you could use the browser extension Lyrics Here which also supports It was Metrolyrics, by the way, not Musixmatch.
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Jon, Community & Customer Services

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Thanks we're aware of this and currently investigating.  Looks like there's an issue with the import job for both metrolyrics and musicmatch.  
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They seem to be back, thanks. FYI Hans-Jürgen on the track pages here in the UK there is a Lyrics tab between the Albums and Wiki tabs displaying lyrics from Musixmatch. :-)
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Hans-Jürgen, Moderator

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Right, I've been told this in the meantime (US as well), but nevertheless thanks for the info.
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Great update James
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Rykehuss .

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When do we get to delete whole artists and albums, instead of painfully clicking one scrobble at a time? Also when do you fix the undeletable, bugged scrobbles that cannot be deleted?
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James L.

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I really missed this feature, woop woop!
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Elliot Robinson

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Great update, guys.
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seeing attenders and prevention of multiple events' creation are 2 important features in the event section, good news!

now you just need to make events more "popular" again: so we need *venue creation/edit*, *venue pages* and *see friends who attend in the search events menu".

also, it would be helpful the comeback of the sub-sections "events attended by your friends/followings" and "events you created"
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still waiting for more updates dedicated to customisation of profiles and an extended recommendations list we can dismiss things from.
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Simonne Perron

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Please re-add the option of deleting an entire album or artist's scrobbles. 
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No Nrg

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Are there any plans to fix the artist/track name auto-correct issue? The site still forces auto-correct whether its enabled or disabled.
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Will the tracklist of the new Slowdive album be added? There is an EP already with the same name from the same artist "Slowdive - Slowdive" so the new album has the tracklist and release date from the EP and not from the album

I wonder if the tracklist will even be added and if so, will they be added along with the EP tracks or could these two releases be seperated somehow, for example: "Slowdive - Slowdive EP" would be great for the earlier release.

I just need the tracklist for the 2017 album added.
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Adylise Skylar Larkyn

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I second this. It's one of my favorite albums of the year, so it's too bad that the album page is a mess. :(
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Svarto22 .

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Can I ask if in the future it will be possible to skip advices in the main page, or see only the advices with a determinate tag, like in the past? I see bands I already have on my library or bands that I'm not interested in, and I can't skip them to see new advices.
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Lucas Marques

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James, When are the tags fixed? Many tracks are case-sensitive, exemple: Selena Gomez - SaMe oLd LoVe. Do you have any idea when this will be fixed? It was implemented to flag bad tags, but it does not work. 
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Slightly unrelated but any plans to develop the Events section over time? It'd be cool to get to the stage one day where charts are generated that tells you how many times you've attended a particular venue or seen a certain band etc.
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Hans-Jürgen, Moderator

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The events are still being fixed, e.g. creation of new venues is still not working. New features like the one you suggested would have to wait until all current issues are handled, but check the next site update concerning events.
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