Website update - 3rd May

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Good afternoon,

We've just deployed the following:

Event attendees
See who is attending/interested in an event. You can see a small number of attendees on the event overview page, and the full list on separate pages

Detect lineup clashes
When editing a lineup we'll check to see if that artist is already playing somewhere on that day. This should help cut down on the number of duplicate events being created

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James Scott, Web dev lead

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Posted 2 years ago

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James, do you have - could you post? - a list of features/fixes in progress or coming up (in the next 6 months say) please? It would be really interesting to know.
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It is nice that the attendee list is back, the clash detection is another nice-to-have feature. But in my opinion, it would have been much much more important to allow the creation of new venues. How do you prioritize features?
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Thanks! Love that events are getting some attention now. Would love to be able to create some new venues or have venue pages back next.

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good to see this changes, but events needs many more to be as useful as it were 2+ years ago ;-)

- venue pages
- venue creation
- venue merge
- event merge
- visible cancelation flag
- one page "edit event"
- list "events created by me"
- poster gallery (if there was more than one poster added)
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Jon, Community & Customer Services

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Thanks for this, I've just been discussing venue creation with the head of the product team. I'm fairly hopeful that this will move forward soon -- we were originally planning to do this for launch, but it became blocked for technical reasonsTM which I believe have since been resolved.  Event cancellation is a bad omission too -- there's no reason not to get that done, time permitting, as there's already checkbox for it.  The other features you mentioned would all be nice additions too.
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+ the possibility to export events i attend to an calendar.
Is the calendar feature ever coming back?
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No Nrg

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Venue creation yes cant wait!
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Venue creation!!!!! come on!!!
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still waiting for more updates dedicated to customisation of profiles and an extended recommendations list we can dismiss things from.
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Simonne Perron

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Please re-add the option of deleting an entire album or artist's scrobbles. 
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No Nrg

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Are there any plans to fix the artist/track name auto-correct issue? The site still forces auto-correct whether its enabled or disabled.