Website update - 8th December (Last.year)

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Hey all,

Today we released Sprint 197 and Sprint 198. This includes one big thing, your Last.year listening report.

The report features a whole bunch of stats around your listening habits, and other activity, from 2016. We're really excited about this feature and hope you like it.

You can see your report here:

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James Scott, Web dev lead

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Posted 3 years ago

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Wow, fancy.  Now if you guys would just bring back the things that made great.  My personal tags would be a start.  Why the hell does one care what the most popular tag is?  Why do I care when I listen to music the most?

Honestly, what useful data does that new feature really offer?  Next to nothing.  How is it you guys don't realize this?  Amazing, really.

The sad reality is, has dropped significantly. 

The latest efforts prove that you guys have a pulse, yet aren't I still question if you all have ears!

Again, I was a subscriber for a decade, would love to subscribe again, yet still see no reason to.
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Hans-Jürgen, Moderator

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For example listing The Beatles as Top Artist #4 shows how much influence streaming providers have these days, as their catalogue was released one year ago on Spotify, Apple Music etc. Same is probably true for Radiohead being #1, as they decided to release their full catalogue, too.
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Honestly no improvement over the google search "music 2016"
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Aww, Neo you special little snowflake. Lot of assumptions there buddy, considering all we did was call our your homophobia. Quick, get back to your safe space where you can say what you want without the big bad internet people being mean to you about it ;-)
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Neo, freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from criticism of whatever you said. Guess what? Others have as much freedom to call out on whatever BS you spew out. It's funny there's people out there that want to say anything regardless of how others will react and then hide it under "freedom of speech" or worse, label and assume those that doesn't agree with their opinions. "Leftist," "heterophobic?" Great job there, sir.

A round of applause for Neo, please. //sarcasm
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"It's free speech, guys. That means you either have to agree with me or shut up."

Pathetic damage control.
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All the leftists using their propaganda  to make themselves feel  so righteous. OMG!!!! you fucking racist, bigot, asshole. I need no safe place. The left side is always getting offended and upset about everything and anything. @chris, I don't fear you and I am sure you don't fear me, but it's funny how it takes a bunch of social justice warriors to bring me down and failing.
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Why does my Last.year page say I gained 0 followers and my Discovery Leaderboard is empty?
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I'm having the same problem too. It tells me that I gained 97 followers, yet, I reached over 100. The same goes for new artists, 48% only. I should have 100% considering that I have 15 new artists on my list.
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ZuClann .

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why this func year does not update at least once in a week?! what a sheet did u develop?!
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Action Radar

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One of the staff members on Get Satisfaction said that this is not under their control. The staff members themselves claim to read every piece of feedback and forward the requests to CBS Interactive. Since Last.FM is on winter vacation, 2017 will probably settle many of the users' most-demanded features.
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This whole last.year thing is pretty stupid because my scrobbels from December are not mentioned there. So basically a year is only 11 months? Sorry, that's the perfect example for whats wrong with the "new"
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Soooo this is completely static, yes? Great.
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Tom Stephen

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Jesus, everytime when I see these some links connected to old, I feel so sad that it becomes like it is nowadays.
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When there will be notifications (in the app, an e-mail, or sth) for the Inbox?
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And will you create Notifications when we have a new follower?

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