Website update - 8th February

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Hello friends,

We just released the following:

  • Last.week: Week-on-week stats
    See how this week's report compare to last week's - answer questions like "how did this Monday compare to last?", "how much more did I discover this week?", "how many places did I climb in the leaderboard?"
  • Last.week: Previous best/new record
    The report overview now alerts you if this week was your best yet, and lets you know the number to beat
  • Last.week: Average daily scrobbles (subscribers only)
    See how your daily scrobble count compares to the last six month's reports
  • Last.week: Discoveries and discovery leaderboard
    These modules from Last.year are now available weekly
  • Last.week: Improved listening time
    Listening time is now more accurate
  • Lyrics (currently US-only)
    You can now view the full lyrics to millions of different tracks
  • Festivals now listed at /events
  • "Add event" button added to artist event pages
  • YouTube videos on mobile track pages now play in-page (providing your phone supports it)
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James Scott, Web dev lead

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Posted 3 years ago

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James Joul

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Thank you for the update. When will I be able to disable autocorrect please?
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restoring autocorrect is now the very FIRST urgent thing. 

Anyway, this time I like to find out that events are not ABANDONED by and something's happening! 
other important fixes/things to restore include
1) see the users who attend an event and not just a number! 
2) restore the page for the venues with all their past and future events listed, with possibility to add venues and edit their details
3) restore the "your added events" page
4) possibility to flag events and venues in order to merge them.

I know, the point 4) and maybe 2) implies some moderation work by Lastfm and probably you don't have the resources now. BUT points 1 and 3 don't need too much attention after you put them back on the site, come on!

PS. the disappointment about the years wasted without caring about the events section is because in fact I LIKE the new "create event" system, which is way better and clearer than in the old site. It's a total waste that you stopped at half the work after having improved that.
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lady of late

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Remember when you'd let us know what you were currently working on at the end of every sprint update? wasn't that nice?
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An update like this would have been nice once site fundimentals were getting the Autocorrection working properly.  
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lady of late

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I totally forget about checking out this last.week thingy - maybe we could get a notification weekly when it updates?
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Marcus Vinicius

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I will just leave a sigh here. No further comments
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Marcus Vinicius

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Ok, I have a comment: The "top tags" chart would be WAY more interesting if it showed the tags for each day of the past week, instead of just 5 tags per week and then repeating the previous weeks
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Considering all circumstances it's tragic.
For the most of my followers the ditch couldn't be deeper.
Quo vadis Last.FM?
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Sharon K

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With this update comes changes to the Time Zone and when I went to my settings to try it out (setting it to my zone) of course it screwed up the Library graph as noted by your comment on site -

(Note: This is an experimental feature. Some library graphs may show unexpected results.)

I want to change it back to UTC but it is not available in the drop down box? Can you not make this available again?

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Sharon K

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oh! I found the UTC time zone amongst all the others.
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Marcus Vinicius

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I wish this could get fixed, I use my time zone but the library bugs are so annoying - Still, I can bear with them because in UTC with my time zone my scrobbles from 8pm are already counted as from "tomorrow", which is awful and totally mess up my library stats. Still, why is taking the devs so long to fix this issue?
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That's a great step forward, really. Unfortunately, the direction is wrong.
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What's there to say anymore? I'm tired...
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Саша Зинуков

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Guys, pls fix it! I don't know, how many usres have such bugs, but nevermid. In my city (Minsk, Belarus) if you change event place to TBA, Минск-арена, Дворец спорта, RE:PUBLIC you will see them in events list. But if, for ex. you will chose Prime Hall, it's not listed in events, but this place is in Minsk too. Due to this bug almost all events take place in 'TBA'. PlEASE, fix it!!!!!!
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My goodness... You guys are really something special.
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I Have... StoodUpTooFast

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Great - wish I could actually add an event via Chrome though.
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george dedas

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maybe you have an ad-blocker...I had same problem too
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The Winter Soldier

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I'm not applauding this while I still can't scrobble a good portion of my music without it being incorrectly, and annoyingly, auto-corrected.
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Mika Perttula

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How do I know if some tracks were skipped from total listening time calculation?
Photo of Marcel Napalmovich

Marcel Napalmovich

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When will neighbourhood radio come back?
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VirtualLionelMessi .

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Ha ha, you can't even do a proper search on this site (the search bar reminds me of the 90s) but, well, we have detailed weekly stats... useful
Photo of Sharon K

Sharon K

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yeah, searching sucks! 5 results only!! (Artists/Albums/tracks)  :(
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Elliot Robinson

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Glad there are a few bug fixes but please can you put the superfluous Last.Week to the back of the queue now? It works well enough - better than a lot of the rest of the site, where the core functionality hangs out.

Maybe get back to perfecting the important underlying music database which is holding up other features...
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Lucas Marques

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fix the tags urgent!!!!
Photo of Lucas Marques

Lucas Marques

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tHe TaGs sHoUlD Be FiXeD UrGeNt!!!
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george dedas

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yet another sprint that gives answers to questions nobody asks....this is no longer a surprise, only sad.

  • "Add event" button added to artist event pages
the least I could expect from this bug fix, is when adding an event from this point the artist to be already included in the line-up tab...
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Sorry if it's already been asked but, is there a way to cache the last.week reports? The new one overwrites the previous.
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The features that you gave us are neat, but still, this is not what we requested from you to do. We are still waiting for you to return all of the functions of Last.FM back. Giving us all this is like giving a bone to a dog to stop barking.

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