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‘Allo ‘allo,

Apologies for the recent stability issues that have affected the site in the last couple of days. We're aware of these and are doing everything we can to address them. Fixes for missing scrobbles/loved tracks should be available in the next day or so. Thanks for bearing with us while we get these problems straightened out.

In other news, Sprint 179 was just released. It contains the following:

  • Track page reshuffle
    We’ve rearranged the track page slightly. This improves the right rail and makes some features more obvious to new users.
  • Improved ‘redirected from’ / ‘did you mean?’ notifications
    In preparation for the catalogue work, making sure it’s obvious when you’re looking at corrected catalogue pages.
  • New wiki, tag, upload and suggest calls to action
  • Allow gallery index to be sorted by date added
  • Stop buylink dropdowns for unlinked tracks loading in the whole site
  • Stop partial page loads from hanging
  • Fix for broken love and play buttons

In Sprint 180 we’re looking at some event page bugs and improvements, playing videos on track pages, automatically updating recent tracks on profiles, and loads more catalogue work.

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James Scott, Alum

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Posted 4 years ago

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I think the track page looked better before. Also, when clicking "pictures", why does it take you to the current main picture? It didn't before, right?

In other news; another underwhelming update.
Photo of Tom Stephen

Tom Stephen

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Same, before it was more.. easy to browse.
Photo of Ged Carroll ジェド キャロル

Ged Carroll ジェド キャロル

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I keep getting an error 4 from the scrobbler app when I try to connect my account and seeing 500 errors on the pages
Photo of Tamara J

Tamara J

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None of my scrobbles from Spotify have been captured for the past 3 or 4 days. Is there a problem with Lastfm and Spotify? This is very frustrating. No offence, but the old site and its features were better, plus more social. Sigh.
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Squeaky Fromme

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There must be a problem, because I can't skip a track, and when one song is over, the next one won't start unless I refresh the page.  Things were much simpler when Lastfm didn't need Spotify.

I was up to 39,000 plays when this started happening.  I went from 27-30 songs every day to 11 on Monday, 7 on Tuesday, and 0 on Wednesday, Thursday, and today.  It's really bites.

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If you haven't already, try logging out of on Spotify, and log back in again. It seems to work for some and not others, but it's worth a go just in case.
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Raul Sergiu

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Glad recommending events still doesn't work.
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I think email notifications would have to work for this feature to make sense. As far as I know, we still don't get notified of new shouts or inbox messages. Not that I'd know because I haven't received or sent one in ages.
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We can't even plug in a city or zip lol?
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pls, make the removal of the artists from the library
Photo of Rajo Bajo

Rajo Bajo

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and albums too
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Agreed. How in the taint-chafing crap can this feature be so difficult? 
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Anyone have an answer to the above question: How hard can it be?

How hard can it be to address what we know is giving us problems?

What is considered a problem and not?

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breakthroughs abound; Improved ‘redirected from’ / ‘did you mean?’ notifications, great! 
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Word irony; we saw what ‘nothing’ produces :/

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Sharon K

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Hey!! I loved a track (while it was playing)  and it didn't disappear from recent tracks!  Thank you! :)
p.s. doesn't take much to get me excited  ;-)
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jr leonetti

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Nick Barahovsky

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please make the latest albums to appear on the artist pages!
Photo of James Scott

James Scott, Alum

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This should be addressed by the catalogue work.
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Poor me expecting we would get the new catalogue and see the grey boxes disappear... No artist/track/album deletion either... I kind of like the new track pages though. Still underwhelming update :(
Photo of Casper Mortensen

Casper Mortensen

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why cant we get it to show more then 4 similar tracks. srsly this was the way i found new music and its ruined.. why i liked the page. getting 50-100 tracks similar too the 1 you liked... miss the olds days 
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Yeah, that definitely needs to come back!  I suppose there's a concern about songs without enough plays having "dirty" listener data giving bad matches...but there must be a way of listing as many songs as possible given the coherence quality of the data for the song's plays
Photo of Giannis DK

Giannis DK

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Hi James, please a question , By saying  : In the following sprint 180 ..+  "automatically updating recent tracks on profiles" ,  does this mean that, the so called feature Real Time (live) auto scrobbling data on profile, without refreshing F5 overwiew profile etc...  is comming back ? If yes ... WOW !!!!
Photo of James Scott

James Scott, Alum

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Yup. This is what it means.
Photo of At Oussama

At Oussama

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wow, finally!
Photo of Charles Olson

Charles Olson

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inadequate update
Photo of Jason Mrazek

Jason Mrazek

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will there be a day when I can change the time zone?
Photo of James Scott

James Scott, Alum

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Yes. I can't tell you what day. But there will be a day.
Photo of Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown

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I was seriously hoping for the ability to delete tracks (plays) with "Unknown date" to be possible... (and I also miss the journals)
Photo of lady of late

lady of late

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Maybe if we all stop requesting actually relevant features they will be implemented on the site. After all, it seems they only implement features no one has really asked for nor care about.
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 impatiently waiting for a "tags" sorting feature in the library..
Photo of Contempt


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They said it wasn't an essential feature and they won't begin to work on it (along with a lot more of stuff) until they are finished with the catalogue. So forget about tags and 0 scrobble artists because we are not getting them back until summer (hopefully).
Photo of latestaccessory


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.....what did you even do, though.
Photo of phoenixbloom


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Thanks. Still patiently waiting for so many things I miss, I guess the catalogue work will put everything on further delay then.
Photo of Andreas_Wotte


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I still want to share songs, albums and artists on Not on facebok or twiter. Do you really prefer to lead your user to other sites? For me it seems to be incomprehensible. Can you please correct this?
Photo of RiffmasterRick


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Once again you completely ignored what the users said. In its current state, is a broken piece of trash. The newest sprint "update" is causing images to disappear for no reason.
Photo of Kloner


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Another "nothing to see here" update... What a surprise!
Photo of AH


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Can we have album and track tittle style correction? I don't know who is starting to do this, scrobbling the song like this "yOu ArE mY eVErYtHinG".

If the staff can't do it, i volunteer to fix that problems. thank you very much

another concern is, hope soon we can sort album/track list by most listeners or recent release or recent popular like the old one.

by the way, I always love :)
Photo of James Scott

James Scott, Alum

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We will be addressing this very soon.
Photo of AH


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thank you very much, i appreciate it...
Photo of Houndworld


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Can I ask - what are you actually doing with the catalogue? Could we have a brief spec of what the changes will be please?
Photo of Stian


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As annoyed as I was by the old redirect messages that have now been fixed, I would have preferred you guys implementing Top Listeners again. And perhaps made it possible to scrobble/display compilation albums in a meaningful way in Top Albums. I'm hoping it'll happen soon.
Photo of dis0rder


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I hope "event page improvements" means there's something coming on, among these urgent things (urgent since last August...):
1) "choose your searching location" in the events section of the site. no chosen location (as it is now) = no useful searching, no real searching.
2) "venue pages" back with their list of past and future events (this also helps with searching)
3) creation of new venues ( & request for merging)
4) the SOCIAL part: make attenders visible again + shoutbox on events! (summer festival are round the corner...)

(also, it would help the possibility to invite other users, or the automatic sharing of the events on other sites, etc. but those above are the most important upgrades events need, I think)

I'm not even hoping to have *all* the 4 aforementioned improvements in the next update, but AT LEAST some of them...
Photo of Carolina Andrade

Carolina Andrade

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You need to add a link to user's tags on their profile. And I have a tag with a special character and can't use it anymore, there's also that.

Oh, and a button to dismiss recommendations (which are mostly useless now that they include stuff I already listen to/tracks I loved) is also missing.
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^ Yes, yes. Huge deal. Especially the tags. I had a huge tag cloud before they changed to the beta site and I'd love to visit it again...
Photo of jusO6


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Why are the video, tag and wiki buttons so huge? And more importantly, why is it that when a track has tags, it becomes a tiny link and nestles in-between the huge buttons?  This has to be one of the stupidest things I have seen you guys do yet.

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