What are the rules and guidelines for uploading release artwork to Last.fm?

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Release artwork on Last.fm is uploaded by users in the Last.fm community. All users with an account in sufficiently good standing (which typically means passing a minimum scrobble threshold) can upload artwork to release pages on the site, by clicking the "Artwork" link on any catalogue page.

Last.fm users are encouraged to upload artwork where appropriate. However, along with the more general Community Guidelines, there are a few rules to follow when doing so. These are briefly discussed on the upload page, and detailed more thoroughly here.

  • All artwork uploads must be the exact, actual cover art. This means that the art should look exactly as the artist released it. A cover should not be edited, for example, to remove text or borders, or to reflect a change in the name of the artist, or to crop out band members that have left a group. It should be unchanged, and new versions should only be uploaded if the artist has released a new version of the art.

  • No fan made covers. As explained above, artwork should be exactly as the artist released it. Unofficial, fan made covers should not be uploaded.

  • No meme covers. Similar to the above, "funny" artist covers should not be uploaded, no matter how funny you may find them!

  • Placeholder art is not allowed. If an artist has not released a cover for a release yet, none should be uploaded. Likewise, the old "Clean your tags!" images should not be uploaded either on misspellings, as this also counts as a placeholder.

  • Alternate artwork can be uploaded. This includes covers specific to certain territories, certain release editions, or certain formats. For example, if the artwork for the CD and digital releases are different, both artworks are allowed, and it is up to users to vote up the most popular version.

  • Single artwork can be uploaded to an album of the same name. So, if an artist releases a song and then later releases an album of the same name, because we do not currently have catalogue disambiguation, the single artwork is still allowed to stay on the same page.

  • Uploads should not include sexually explicit material, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images.
If you find an image that breaks these rules, you are welcome to click the "Report this image as inappropriate" link on the right hand side of the image page. However, please note that this system is only for abusive cases, such as blatant meme covers or hate material. Minor issues, or artwork that is permitted per the above, should not be reported in this way.

Finally, as noted on the upload page: Abuse of the Last.fm image system may result in you being banned from uploading images or from the entire site - so, play nice and respect the rules!
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