When will all useful things from old Last.FM come back?

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After almost a year after upgrading Last.FM we still do not have any information about when will all useful things which are missing since then be fixed and brought back. I really wonder do you have any intention to built any of those things. All I can see is useless explanation(s) and information(s) such as 'we're working on that' or 'majority of features you've listed are planned to return in the near future', which means nothing. Could you give any answer about when that near future will start? I really need things such as:
1. Neighbours;
2. Groups;
4. Recent activities;
5. Playlists;
6. "About Me" category with more than 200 characters;
7. Top listeners;
8. Recent top listeners;
9. The list of friends that are following you and how many times they listen to an artist that you are listening to; 
10. Journal entries; 
11. Blog groups; 
12. Top music groups; 
13. Recent groups; 
14. List of tagging; 
15. List of friends;
16. Option to search a friends profile;
17. Option to add new venue;
18. List of friends events;
19. List of all events which are near you and not only those in your country (I am living near the border, and events in neighbouring country are closer to me than in my own country)
20. List of all people (including friends) who are attending or planning to attend some event;
21. List of moderators (because now it's more like you call an operator and get automatic answers such as above mentioned and similar sentences);
22. Forums and option to participate in the forum(s) discussion by using Last.FM user name and profile (I do not see the point of Last.FM if I have to create new profile on new site just to ask or comment some issue or report the problem on Last.FM)
All those things listed above made Last.FM special, different then all music sites or social networks. I made new friendships, even met a special person.... But now there is no any difference between all that mass of music sites and Last.FM. I, and all of us actually need truthful answer about when you'll bring back all those things. I realize that it's not possible to bring back all at once, but after a year you brought back empty automatic explanations and useless information instead of concretely doing something and showing the results of 'we are working on it'.
I think we all need concrete answers after all this time instead of all those copy-paste sentences which makes me feels like communicating with automat and not with real person.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Add to the list,
23.To show search results more than 5 entries ( including users,tags,etc)
24.Merge Musicbrainz albums into last.fm
25.Add Share button on recent tracks than having a buy button,
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all of us actually need truthful answer about when you'll bring back all those things
Last.fm staff has perfected the art of not answering this. We've tried to get an answer to this out of them basically since the "upgrade".

So here's what I think: They don't really know themselves, they have no real plan and are making it up as they go along. Of course, they can't admit to that here, and that's why we either get ignored or non-answers like "planned in the following weeks and months".

I mean, just imagine the uproar had they revealed 10 months ago that most of those features would still be missing almost a year later.
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I would just really like more user to user communication and user exposure like before the beta. Now it feels so isolated.. :(
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Frankenrin you are right, I agree. But still, the fact that we didn't get nothing but empty-automatic answers makes me feel disappointed, sad and frustrated. I think they could do something during this long period.

I cannot accept explanation like 'they don't really know themselves'

After a year they could for example make possible everything what was possible when it comes to events and fan pages for a start. After a year I want to see results of this upgrade. But it seems it was actually downgrade. I would like to get answer from real person why is that still at the same point from last summer.

Where are all those moderators with knowledge of different languages to help you? Who are they? If nobody wants to give concrete answer then what's the point of this forum?

I don't know.... If there is no any progress during next period I would seek the way to move to another network if possible.... I wont have another choice....
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I’ve given up hope that any of these features will ever return. That way, if any of them actually do return, I’ll be pleasantly surprised. It’s not as if the return of groups would even be particularly useful at this point. Nearly everyone who used them has disappeared from the site at this point, and it’s been so long that I doubt we’d be able to track down most of the ones who disappeared. I’d be amazed if even 20% of the people who were using the site last year are still around.

I should note that despite this, groups are still the feature I miss most, followed by the actually useful about me section and then neighbours.
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No, you don't need all this!!! The new AWESOME SMARTPHONE DESIGN is what matters and nothing else, you know! Stop complaining and be glad they '''''''''''updated''''''''''' our favorite site so we can all watch it from our shitty mobile devices (which i am not even owner of) ...

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