Why has months of feedback been completely ignored?

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As an active and vocal user in the now deleted BETA feedback threads, I feel the question must be asked. Why? Why has several months of user feedback been utterly and completely ignored? Why did you ask us for feedback for so long and with every BETA update if you were just going to simply ignore it?

Your number one priority should be to keep your users happy, and 99% of us hate this new design, we hate the loss of functions and we hate that no-one seems to give a damn.

Don't even get me started on how unbelievably idiotic it is that an unfinished and unstable redesign has gone live with several key features disabled or missing. I've been a member of Last.fm since it was the simplistic and easy-to-use Audioscrobbler but I think my time using this website has come to an end.
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Couldn't agree more.
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It baffles me too. I'm not sure if giving the employees feedback now will just fall on deaf ears too.
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They haven't listened for the past few months, I'd be surprised if they started now.
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The only real 'hope' is that when users leave last.fm on mass, they have no other choice than to listen to the ones who have remained... My hopes are low, however. I'm sad.
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All feedback gets printed, read, and is then used for kindling for their fire.
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This is like going from a Ferrari to a bicycle with a broken chain, and not even realizing that your new ride is two wheels light and only goes downhill.

I couldn't imagine being in charge of any kind of restructuring like this and just keep right on plowing ahead, being completely ignorant and oblivious to what the ENTIRE userbase is saying. It truly baffles the mind.

They could at least have the audacity to tell us they don't give a shit about what we think. I would much rather hear that than to see these robotic responses that are scattered about that don't address any legitimate concerns or complaints that people are making.

Complain while you can, people, all of these threads will mysteriously disappear before too long.
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That's how it is when sites like facebook ignore complaints because they are greedy now last fm turns greedy and too them money grows on tree's, I miss the old last fm look Fuck them and this new look
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Isn't it funny how last.fm is acting like there's 900 threads of positive feedback... I've yet to see them acknowledge that anything is wrong whatsoever. Oh a couple features aren't working? No big deal, glad to hear everybody loves the redesign.

They should do us all a favor and close this forum so they don't delude the users with false hope. They just want us to think they're considering our feedback when in reality, the website will unfold exactly as they intended.
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Totally agree. What for they create this forum? All users just ignored or given the same last.fm mantra : soon/in a few hours/in progress - and nothing happen.
Some "in a few hours" already took more than 2 weeks.
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I know, what, but it will be just a conspiracy theory. Maybe they took money for ruining Last.fm. Then.. maybe they ask us for our feedback to know what they should NOT improve? And it's the reason why they work so slow nowadays?

Because, no, I can't even understand why the hell they're going the way like there's nothing wrong with their actually design.
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They are looking at our feedback while counting their $$$$$$$ and laughing at us

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