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Plugin should let you add links while offline

First, let me say that I love LaterLoop. I use the plugin a lot. However, there's one thing that would make it 10x better for me in an instant. My use pattern is that I read a lot of things on the train (I commute 1 1/2 hours each way), when I don't have internet access. So I open a bunch of pages ahead of leaving, and then read them through the ride.

What I would love is a way to store the links that I'd like to follow but can't at the time due to lack of internet access. I envision this as a hotkey followed by a click on the link, which would use some sort of local storage to note the site, and then sync up at a later point when I have net access.

Is this feasible? Easy or difficult to implement? If you think its doable but won't have time for a while I'd love to know that too; I don't have any experience with firefox plugins but I am a programmer so I might take a look.
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    grex (Official Rep) July 27, 2008 18:34
    Hi Kevin,
    I have a small surprise for you. LaterLoop just deployed the first version of its "send links by email" feature. It's a feature that many other users requested too and I thought you might find it useful for saving/sending links to LaterLoop while you're offline.

    We're still testing it and would love to get your feedback about any potential problems before making it fully public. You'll find all the details at http://www.laterloop.com/settings/ema...

    It's not the ultimate solution, but I hope we've come a bit closer to what you had in mind. Thanks for your patience and support!
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