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It would be helpful to have some TLG suggestions about which products will be more profitable for the company. Seeing as how CUUSOO members don't have access to Lego Business Intelligence or forecasting data, we are blindly building models hoping that Lego fans will come to CUUSOO and vote. There will be a breakdown in the process due to the fact that an even sampling of Lego buyers do not visit CUUSOO. Hence, CUUSOO will encourage development of products supported by the online community, but not necessarily the real world community. Please consider alternative metrics for achieving the Lego review.

1. Build a new page of TLG suggestions for practicable projects.
2. Make categories for projects and review the leading projects per category in accordance with a defined, public schedule (once per quarter/6 mo/anum?). IMPORTANT: THIS WOULD NORMALIZE THE ONLINE COMMUNITY RATIOS OF VISITORS AND SUPPORTERS IN EACH CATEGORY.

For instance, if there are only a handful of animal lovers in the online community (because most enjoy the outdoors, not visiting CUUSOO), then project "Red Squirrel" may only acquire 100 votes on CUUSOO, but in reality it might be a smashing success (to be determined by TLG analysis). Make a category called "Animals", assign "Red Squirrel" to "Animals" and then per the predefined schedule, review the project with the most supports in the "Animals" category.
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