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Photo of Rafael Saraiva
Wrong price
The price of the Canon EF 400mm f/4 DO IS USM Lens is wrong, it shows the price of the case.
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Photo of Allen Monk
Wrong Item
Hello, There seem to be a problem with my order. My order number is 104-1382887- 4021845. I was looking for the Samsung 50-200 mm f/ II...
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Photo of Jeanette
Not compatible with my Nikon D600
I own this lens but on my Nikon D600, when I focus, I have to tap the shutter release 5-6 times before it focuses on my subject. The lens...
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Photo of Tez09
Landscape lens for Canon 70D
I'm looking for a good quality lens for my APS-C 70D with a view to primarily shooting landscapes.  I'm leaning towards the Sigma 10-20mm...
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