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Photo of Shuo Yang
Moving to new Help Center
In order to provide a more personal support and clearer overview, we're moving to a new Help Center. Please keep supporting us in the sam...
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Photo of Sensel
Temp change of time after reset
I have my time set to 60 minutes. But sometimes, when it goes off, I just want to sit working for another 20 because, in 25 minutes, it i...
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Photo of psybear83
Doesn't start at login
I have the option checked that Healthier should start at login. But it doesn't.
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Photo of Alan Cyment
App won't launch when offline
The app won't start if I'm currently offline. I know it doesn't seem to make any sense, but without an internet connection there's no way...
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Photo of mtnygard
Option-Q is being eaten
This sounds really strange, but I've tested it extensively. Whenever I have Healthier running, option-q does not get sent to any applica...
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