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Photo of Derek
sync with sleep timer or screensaver
Suggestion: I use my macbook pro as a second computer to my work computer.  Is there a way to keep the timer running in the background ev...
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Photo of Jamie Triplett
Lock Screen during break?
When the break comes on I usually want to walk around, but I need to lock my computer when I walk away.  Is there a way to do that automa...
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Photo of Howard
Alarm Questions/Suggestions
Is there a way to turn up the alarm volume? Make the alarm continue until you turn it off/respond to it? Can the timer be kept in the f...
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Photo of albuvee
Download Mavericks-Version?
Is it possible to buy and download a version for Mavericks? We're using mavericks at my office, therefore I cant buy and load the new Hea...
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