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Downvoting - serious fundamental problem

Dear Let’s Mix staff,

I am a well-known and appreciated DJ, doing my thing for almost 20 years. I’ve been posting my mixes in your site for a long time already – about 8 months. During that time I posted about 10 mixes and participated in 2 competitions, winning 3rd place in Pioneer contest in Spring. But I’ve been having the same problem of DOWNVOTING all the time, with the simple mixes as well as in the competitions. Each and every time I posted a mix and got good votes some bastards came and downvoted the mixes to spoil the rating, until it hurts. I noticed that many other people are having the same problem and complaining too, but it is consistently ignored.

It’s good that you can solve some separate cases from time to time, as it was in my case with the substantial downvoting in the Pioneer competition, but overall the problem persists and people are very unsatisfied, understandably. And it is not enough to tell people that rating doesn’t really matter and so on. Why is this rating present then, after all, if it doesn’t matter?? It does matter for those who post mixes as well as for those who come and listen. Downvoting hurts both the DJs personally and their image in the listeners’ eyes. So I wonder, will you finally make conclusions and change the system someday, or will it remain just a silly game, full of cheating and abuse, spoiling many participants’ mood and hopes? I hope it will change..

For simple mixes there could be no ratings used at all, if it’s not competition. I personally care that people come to listen and like my mixes, while they can make it “favorite” if they really like it, which serves as a kind of rating too. While in the competitions it can’t be that just anyone from the streets come and vote, it will never be objective and fair this way. Then voters either can’t be anonymous or they have to be limited to some competent circle, or else.. Hope these insights help.

In the meantime, my patience is over and I am withdrawing all my mixes that were not in the competitions, and I will not post or participate in this site again until the system changes.

Wish you the best.

M. Key
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