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I’m feeling betrayed by a service i trusted

Why does LinkedIn think it's OK to trick me into spamming my entire Gmail address book?

Seriously, LinkedIn, it is *NOT COOL* to use interface trickery to get me to accidentally invite several hundred of my not-so-close colleagues to use your service.

Exhibit A:

you really think those little "X"'s to the right of all those email addresses communicate "unselect"? I mean, more than the part on the left where you have a radio button that clearly states that i'm only looking for "LINKEDIN USERS" in contrast to "ALL CONTACTS"? you know, over by the place where you *already* made me uncheck the checkbox for "Select All" so that i wouldn't end up spamming all my contacts, but then went ahead and did it anyway?

holy crap i'm annoyed. as are all the people on my mailing lists you just spammed with linkedin invitations. thanks a whole hell of a lot. i'm a huge fan of your service, and surprised to see you doing something i normally associate with sketchy companies like plaxo.
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