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Please consider renaming the Photosynth panorama app for idevices as something other than "Photosynth." Sharing the name with the Photosynth non-panorama, non-app makes it nearly impossible to search forums or the Internet for help with the app.
How about "Panosynth"? Or "Synthorama"? Or "iPhotosynth"?
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Posted 8 years ago

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I agree that it would certainly be advantageous to clean up the terminology to clearly communicate the difference between photosynths (the objects), Photosynth (the service|website, application, and mobile app), and panoramas (full quality or mobile).

I see the majority of people every day on Twitter who erroneously call the mobile panoramas that they're making with the mobile Photosynth application 'photosynths' instead of panoramas.

There are plenty of indicators on Photosynth.net that photosynths and panoramas are two different things (the About page defines both, Explore page allows filtering between the two upload types, and Search Results pages show 'Panorama' on panoramas' 'Synth Card' but the number of photos on photosynths' 'Synth Card'), but there are still parts of the site that make it unclear as well (Profile page still labels all of the person's uploads as 'My Photosynths' - a carryover from the days when Photosynth.net only supported photosynths - not panoramas).

If I am not mistaken, the mobile app, itself, may even refer to the panoramas as 'synths' - a seeming lack of clarity in the minds of the iOS developers who made the mobile app as to what the service was about prior to their arrival on the team to make the mobile pano app.


On the other hand, just because Photosynth.net is home to both photosynths and panoramas does not necessarily necessitate that the app be called something different than the website, similar to how Flickr is host to both photos and videos, but need not call their mobile apps according to a particular content type.


Something else that I think bears mentioning is that shooting 'spin movies' (also traditionally called 'object movies' or 'inverse panoramas') should be arriving in the mobile app this year and it should then be clear that if you are asking for help on shooting with the mobile app you are asking for help with either panoramas or spin movies.

This should also help highlight the fact that there will then be three distinct types of imagery on Photosynth.net: photosynths, panoramas, and spin movies.


As to finding help and advice with Photosynth's mobile app and the panoramas it shoots and views, I highly recommend consulting the forums on Photosynth.net. Specifically, there is a forum there, specifically dedicated to Mobile Photosynth. Ask a question there and you should absolutely receive an answer there for any help you may need.
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Me too. It suck trying to find you guys online. You have such a brilliant product, keep it free, change the name and keep up the good work. Personally I like iphotosynth since Apple is obviously king of media editing. Zac Reddy