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Controlling the speed of the slideshow

Here's an idea that I think many of us have had.

VenenoCY replied
on August 30, 2008 12:53

Hi, i was wondering if it's possible to control the speed of the slideshow.

It appears that on slower internet connections the transition between photos happens before the images are even show correctly and on their full quality. You can have a slidebar underneath to adjust the speed between transitions or at least not to move on the next photo until is fully downloaded.

Thank you

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    David Gedye (Principal Group Manager) August 31, 2008 16:15
    In Photosynth we tried very hard to go with an uncluttered interface without all the control panel options that many applications have (especially those from Microsoft :-)

    Maybe we made the wrong decision on this one, but remember that the space bar is your manual way to step through the same sequence as the slide show, so you can completely control the thing if you're willing to tap the space bar.

    Here's another idea that I'd like to float by the community: What if we made the speed of the slideshow related to how long it took the images to "fully resolve"? For example, we could decide to advance the slide show 2 seconds after the current image had fully resolved. On faster networks you'd get a new image every 4 seconds or so, and on slower ones every 10 seconds or so. Useful, or annoying?
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    • Yeah, and on a fast connections every 0,1s a new photo shows up. Not a good decision, just make a maximum limit of 2s or so.
      Nice idea, but not necessary. Just make a local version of photosynth. I've an apache server next to me, why can't I use it? Why doesn't the photosynth team allow me to show my synths to my friends? Why do I have to upload anything? :-(
      Don't get me wrong, It's a nice idea, but there are some major things that got to be fixed right now!
    • David, my two cents on this one are: cent 1) "fully resolve" is definitely better than don't resolve at all and move on too quickly, but it may still leave a little to be desired.
      cent 2) As much as your uncluttered interface / settings concept is great, it is still important to allow the creator of the content to dictate the user experience. Here's what I mean: flash has few if any settings the end user can realistically "adjust", but the creator of an swf can add in an infinite amount of control: automatic slideshow speeds, speed controls, hotspts to allow advance, etc, etc. So, what I think is critical, ESPECIALLY in the embed mode of Photosynth, is that the creator is allowed to dictate things like (among others) the play speed of the slideshow. This will immediately make the tool a fair amount more powerful to different types of content creators and therefore likely increase adoption significantly.
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  • David Gedye (Principal Group Manager) September 02, 2008 04:42
    Gabriel -- good point on the difference between user control and author control. Author control, in fact, is likely to be one of our major pushes as soon as we finish working on the upload problems that are really hurting a number of users. I'm still not sure that I'd allow authors to set the slideshow speed for all viewers though...
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