Dynamic deep zoom collection(s) to track Seadragon.com uploads

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Hello all,

I was thinking a few days ago that it would be interesting for those who wanted to dig a little deeper (or even for your team) to see the images that people have uploaded to Seadragon.com all in one big dynamic deep zoom collection that surfaces new images as they are converted.

Is this feasible? A few limitations that crossed my mind are:

  • I've never seen a dynamic collection. Every one of them is packaged up all at once. (Why should this be? Does it have to do with how the tiles are generated for a collection vs. a single dzi, e.g. different tile sizes per dzi vs. shared tiles for a collection?)

  • I'm assuming there is some sort of upper limit of items that can reside within one collection. (What is it?)

  • If dynamic collections are possible but number of items per collection is an issue, how would you go about segmenting the uploads into collections? e.g. you could segment every 200 completed dzis into separate collections

  • If dynamic collections are possible, would it also be possible to watch newly converted images bubble up into the dynamic collection viewer, providing you were watching the right collection? e.g. you were viewing the very last of the series of collections where new arrivals would appear (Would this idea (watching new arrivals arrive within the viewer) only work in Silverlight?)

What do you think? Regardless of whether you think this is (not) a good fit for Seadragon.com, I remain very much interested in the idea of dynamic collections for use on community sites.
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Posted 11 years ago

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Dynamic collections in Silverlight would probably require a reloading at this point. However, dynamic collections is certainly an area we're looking into for the future.

I've set the status to not planned because doing this for Seadragon.com would have certain privacy implications.

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Fair enough.