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I’m undecided

Forced world up photography

If the camera is forced to take photographs at a constant world up orientation, via a small bubble level placed on the camera, in view of the photographer, and perhaps centered over the image sensor, will this method of photography increase the accuracy of the synth. In particular, the accuracy of the point clouds overhead view.
I will accept a "yes" or "no" answer.
I may have been too demanding, asking for an explanation either way. So a "yes or no" will be enough.
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  • I really don't care anymore, but this, and a similar question have been sitting here for quite some time.
    I am wondering why they have gone unanswered. I cannot understand how a simple "yes" or "no" response could not be provided.
    I am going to assume that the questions I have posted, regarding the above subject, will go unanswered for good reasons.
    Oh well, I tried.
    The opportunity for "Get Satisfaction" to answer this question has long passed, and like I wrote earlier, I really don't care any more.
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