Hosting Photosynth on Local Machines

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Is it possible to use the Photosynth code in my website?

That is, I want to embed the Synth code into my web application code and run the synths created, locally by my users, on my servers and within the pages of my website. Is this possible?
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I'm almost positive that this is not offered yet, but I am eager for this as well.

One feature that I think must be added first is the ability to edit an existing synth. This would save me a lot of grief from my web site users and also open the door for collaborative synths.

For instance I have a high school alumni website that I would absolutely love to introduce synthing to. Having a central synth for the campus that could be updated by any of my users at any time would be extremely useful (and popular!). Also being able to manually integrate multiple synths or at least link between them internally would be key.

Something else to consider is the introduction of time as a significant piece of data. I would love Photosynth to read the EXIF data to show the progression of time through any given portion of the synth. This is readily apparent when thinking of integrating photos of a campus taken over a span of 30 years.

Lastly, privacy options are paramount. Thinking of this in a facebook type model, you should be able to notate individual images within a synth as for "friends only" or "family only" and have them simply be invisible to people not on your friends or family lists, even if they exist within a public/collaborative model of the campus. I know that this gets into sticky things like different models of the point cloud for different users, but I think that it is ultimately a necessary step.

Another thing to consider is that Photosynth is still heavily under development and initial release. You can see how much negative feedback the official developers are getting while running on their own servers. Until they have a more reliable experience I am sure that they will be wary of letting us run this on our own servers. At this point it remains in their best interest to have the servers under their control to make sure that all the latest updates are correctly applied. Can you imagine having to update the installation of Photosynth on your servers every few days as Live Labs works out bugs?

As I said, this is a great idea, but Photosynth needs to mature a little before Live Labs lets it go live on others' servers and I think this is why they have not yet given us this option.