I’m excited to see future releases from the photosynth team.

Orbit point cloud without halo, and other bits

It would be nice to be able to freely rotate the point cloud around a user-chosen point of interest, rather than hunting around the synth for an auto-created halo, for which there might not be any, depending on the synth. I know there are the free-roaming 'gamer' controls, but they're frustrating when you're just trying to rotate around a point for which an orbit isn't auto-detected. I seem to remember this already being a feature in the original photo-tourism prototype; you could simply drag a box around part of the point cloud, and then rotate around it, getting photos from your current viewpoint if there were any.

Other features I saw in the photo-tourism prototype/preview I hope to see implemented in photosynth:

Path fitting: You select a photo that's far away spatially; instead of just being 'whooshed' to that photo, you are shown photos between here and there.

3d proxy: A rough fitting of the image plane to the point cloud, to make the transitions between 2 photos, and the overall 3d experience much more immersive.
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