PDF conversion only takes the first page of the PDF

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PDF conversion only takes the first page of the pdf... (this might be a feature, but it is not mensioned anywhere).
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Official Response
By design, zoom.it only displays single images, so it can only convert a single page from a PDF. By default, it converts the first page, but you can choose the page you want converted by adding a parameter on the end of the URL for conversion. For example: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw4.pd... creates this: http://zoom.it/aHFC
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Strictly speaking, the site could composite all the pages into a single image and convert that to a DZI, but then we get into the realm of people complaining that they don't like the layout of a long tall column or a ultra long and short scroll or pairs of pages or whatever the default compositing arrangement would end up being.

Here's a question for you, Bill. Since the Zoom.it viewer uses a default black background, why couldn't you generate the same high resolution per page that you currently do, but temporarily composite all the DZI's into continuing layers of what turns out to be essentially a DZC that continues to the very highest resolution of every DZI.

Once you have collections working in Seajax (that is to say in a shippable form), you could simply take all resolutions greater than what you would normally include in a DZC and crop the individual pages in those higher resolutions into their own DZIs and introduce Pivot style sorting, simply announcing to Zoom.it users that they can now sort and rearrange the pages of their PDFs, rather than having them be arranged in the default grid.

What am I missing?
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Sure, we could do that, and there are scores of other features we could possibly create, too. These aren't always technical limitations. We can't build everything at once, but we'll likely continue to add new features over time.

With respect to this specific suggestion, I suspect you would find the reading experience of scrolling around one single, large image very unsatisfactory. Multipage documents really need a collection based page reading experience, and that goes beyond the scope of zoom.it's current capabilities.

We've prototyped multiple reading experiences based on Deep Zoom technology. For example, check out the demo that starts at about 34:30 in ths video of a keynote presentation by Live Labs directory Dr. Gary Flake..


This is more along the lines of what a proper multi-page document reading experience might look like. There are several other real world examples on the web, created by developers using the capabilities of Deep Zoom in Silverlight. Actually, this one (created by Vertigo consulting for Bondi publishing) is one of my favorites: http://www.playboyarchive.com. But, only because of the articles. ;-)
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I wish I could upvote this whole reply just because of the last sentence. ;)