Photosynth files can NOT be exported?

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I just found out about Photosynth today so excuse me if I sound naive. All of the info I have read seems to be re-directing photos to be uploaded online to the photosynth website for "synthing". It is then published. I honestly do not have a clue but what I am gathering is, I upload my images, seems them together, and I probably get an email that my synth can now be viewed. Is that correct?

If so, that sounds kinda lame, or at best, a virtual share experience. Certainly not a virtual tour. Or am I totally wrong?

So I can not EXPORT the synth? I can not create a synth, such as a mpeg or Quicktime video? What I would see as a worthy experience would be to create a synth, and then upload it to my own website, such as a realtor selling a home, and then others can come to my site to see my site. If this is not the case, I would have to send people to the synth site to view my synth. That is ASSUMING I choose for the world to be able to see my synth.

Am I in sync with this synth or totally lost?
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Posted 12 years ago

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We do all the processing on your computer while we upload the photos, so you won't get an email when it's done. - you'll just see it happen.

The synth is the media type - you could use screencapature SW to grab a video of it, but the point is to share what you've generated with others.

We have an embed ability so you can put your synth right on your site - you don't need to send people to our site.
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Jonathon, you guys have definitely built the next killer app. However, you should allow the media to be shared and saved on my harddrive.
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true, true; sometimes you just want to test a synth; worth a gig of data; you don't want it on a server, and you don't want to wait for the upload
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I would love to see this opened up. I would pay for a version that can "save " locally.
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can it not by exportid to autocad or 3dstudo?
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I would gladly pay for a copy of the software if I did not have to give away my rights to use it. Make no mistake about it. This software is as wonderful as it is terrifying and dangerous to anyone who makes a living from photography.
The images can be zoomed into and screen captured in pieces, pasted into photoshop and automatically re assembled (photomerged) in high resolution in less than 2 minutes. I tested this already.

No copyright specific to the owner beyond the
© notice in the page. This is not a legal copyright. You could lose your work. No "shared and private areas" as mentioned in the contract. "Microsoft owns without restrictions the calculations and analyses" ..."even after you remove your materials from the service" (The cloud points)
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My apologies to those who already read this answer elsewhere but the copyright field is customizable by editing the 'Author' field of your photo metadata using Windows Live Photo Gallery, Microsoft Pro Photo Tools, Picasa, etc.