Photosynth on iOS "network error" on upload for some panos

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I am using Photosynth on iOS 6. I have a number of panoramas on my phone, and today I decided to upload them to the photosynth site.

All but a handful of panoramas uploaded. The ones that did not upload simply show "network error." Subsequent retries continue to fail.

I used to have a account and uploaded some of my older panos to Photosynth. Then I didn't access my Live account and it, and presumably my uploaded panos, disappeared. I don't know if that has anything to do with my current situation, but I thought I would mention it. Some of the panos with errors are definitely ones I uploaded back when I had a previous account.

All my other panos (80+) uploaded successfully and I can see them on the Photosynth web site.

Any insight into this would be helpful.

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Posted 7 years ago

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I have the same problem with IOS 7.0.4

I had an account and when I tried to access to it after a month, I couldn't. So I made a new account and when I tried to upload my best synths to it, those I had uploaded before won't upload. I get the network error message.

All but those I had uploaded before are on my account.

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Hi, Karen,

Microsoft won't monitor this old forum anymore so don't expect an official answer on Get Satisfaction anymore. (I'm just your fellow Photosynth user.)

You can write a post on the official Photosynth forum and try to get an answer there or just email them at

I took a look through the existing reports on the Photosynth forum of people having this sort of problem over the years but I can't say that I found a clear answer for you.

Back in 2011, Adrian on the Photosynth team was asking people to retry uploading five times (which would make the app stop retrying a failed upload and start uploading again from scratch) but I see other replies saying that shouldn't have to be done anymore after version 1.1 of their app.

There was also a time or two in the past three years when the Photosynth website had a hiccup and didn't receive the panoramas being uploaded to it from the mobile apps for a day or so but I haven't found any of my uploads to be failing recently.

The only other suggested solution that I see is for you to sign out of your accounts in the Photosynth app, reboot the phone (just turn it off completely by holding the power button down until you see the option to shut down and do so, then turn it back on again), and sign back into your accounts and retry the upload.

Here are the Photosynth forum discussions that I reviewed.
If you comment in one of them I'll get after them to make sure that someone from Microsoft answers you there.
'Experiencing a network error'
Network error iPhone
Uploading from iphone - Gets to 20% then fails - "Network Error"
rename a file = upload error
Can't upload from iPhone4
iPhone app does not upload!


As a separate question, regarding your first Microsoft account, can you not reset the password on it so that all of your panoramas are uploaded to the same account?

Let me know if there's anything else I can try to answer for you.
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Hello again, Nathanael :)

WOW - what can I say - thanks again for being so kind and taking all this time to help me.

I did all you said, but regretfully I ́m still unable to upload the synths. About your separate question, I think something went wrong with my first account, because today I performed a search by the name of my two synths, and they are on a separate account which also has my name, but I can ́t find a way to access them...
Also, they don ́t look as nice on the PC screen as they looked on the IPhone :), but well...

The issue is:
both synths are here:
(I had made them public), while my other account is this one:

I know my synths are not good, but these are my first tries and I ́ll learn :).

Having this information - do you have any suggestions? There is no way I can delete the both in my first account. I have no access to it. Maybe I should write to them at and ask for help?

Thank you so much!!
Have a great day,
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Nathanael Lawrence

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Hi, Karen. ツ

Yes, I think that if you write to the Photosynth team at and explain your situation that they will at least be able to help you know which email address your first Photosynth account is attached to.

From there, you should be able to use to reset the password for your first account to regain access to it.

Hopefully the Photosynth team will have an answer to your upload problem too.


Shooting panoramas on a mobile device is a tricky thing, so I'm not judging. ^_^
I shot a pretty bad one on Saturday afternoon.
I much prefer stitching full resolution panos on Windows using Microsoft ICE.

The real trick to taking good stitched panoramas is to keep your camera lens the same height, latitude, and longitude while you rotate your phone in place.

You do this so that foreground objects line up with the same part of background objects in different input shots so that the software can cleanly put them together on the inside of a sphere... but all of this is pretty hard with a handheld mobile phone.


Photosynths are actually something different than panoramas.
The mobile apps that we have today can't make or view synths yet - only panos.

Photosynths spatially link photos taken from many different positions around a stationary + inflexible object or scene to allow you to move around between photos which were taken from different places. They also make a very rough 3D model of the thing that was photographed.

Panoramas provide a look around in all directions from a single position but at most are just a single bubble of photography from one point of view.

I hope I'm not coming across as a know it all but there is a difference between the two. ツ


If you're interested in making some photosynths, you can make generation 1 photosynths with the original Photosynth application for Windows or try making some generation 2 photosynths with Photosynth's new preview website.

Later in 2014 the mobile apps will be updated to capture and upload photos for generation 2 synths.

Here are some helpful tips for shooting photosynths:
Photosynth 1: Video Tutorial + Photosynth Photography Guide
Photosynth 2: Video Tutorial + Expert Shooting Guide

Hoping to see more of beautiful Uruguay in the future,
Your fellow panner and synther, N.
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Hi Nathanael,
I just wrote to the team and hope for a solution or help. Thanks again for helping!

I was so surprised that you mentioned ICE, because I had downloaded the program last weekend and I started using it yesterday evening... and today you mention it - amazing! I also read your comment about the tripod you ́d like to have and - another coincidence: my husband gave me one for my birthday a week ago! It has the properties you describe. It seems this tripod is meant for those who like videos (you can either follow a subject by moving the head of the tripod in any direction, or just keep it straight and spin 360o. All the panos I uploaded yesterday (not 3D) were done with ICE - some with old pictures I took in 2010, some taken this year. I just loved ICE! And knowing how it works now I am sure that I will be able to make gorgeous panoramas from my vacation site.
I also downloaded a Photosynth application to my PC (required by ICE), but I ́m not sure that I can make synths with it. It looks more like a way to upload the panos to Photosynth (I downloaded the one to the left in the square of your link, not the one to the right). But I will download the other one, too. (By the way, are you Nate L at YouTube? I havent checked the videos there, just seen the main page.)

I had no knowledge about the site linked either, looks cool! I will sign in at home and see what I can do there.

Thank you for the examples about the difference between panoramas and synths. Even if I had a rough idea, the links you provided are excellent to clarify it much better to me. I haven ́t tried yet to shoot any 3D as shown in your example, but I will try with something simple - ie. a fruit ? :D
Another problem I have is language. I am a native Spanish speaker, and even if my English is good, it ́s not as easy to understand some words/concepts in a foreign language.

Right now I ́m at the office, so I can ́t do more, but I will at home. I really enjoy photography. I would also like to stay in touch with you, as you seem to be so enthusiastic about this as I am. Do you have a blog or something? Because I ́m sure that our exchange may be useful to others. At Photosynth I couldn ́t find a way to send a private message either. And our current topic is far from being a "network error" :D

Again, thanks for all your enthusiasm and help.
Let ́s be in touch!
Have a beautiful day,
P.D. - What I really, really, really love is macrophotography... one day I hope to be able to make beautiful synths of macro images!