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Support for text in the DeepZoom Composer

I created a DeepZoom collage by placing several large panoramas into the composer pane. However, I wanted to be able to add captions to each panorama so the user could know where each panorama came from. Also a title at the time would be nice as well.

I suppose I could create small images myself to accomplish this, but ugh.
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    Aseem Kishore (Former Employee) May 09, 2009 17:28
    Sorry that none of us replied to this for so long. This is definitely a great idea and I completely agree that it should be built in.

    Our long-term goal for Deep Zoom creation is that you should be able to create and edit Deep Zoom Images and Collections in just the same way you can create and edit any other image format. And if even MS Paint has support for text, well then, of course Deep Zoom Composer should too! ;)

    The underlying tools that Deep Zoom Composer uses -- tools that our team owns -- unfortuantely don't support text yet, so Deep Zoom Composer can't just yet. But we'll see if we can figure out a way.

    Thanks again for the suggestion!
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