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Category defaults to sports

Both events I set were automatically listed as Sports, can this be changed so that they are listed as entertainment. I can't see where to select category in setting up an event.
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  • Hi VenueOne,

    Are you updating event manually through this page: or trying to use a csv / rss feed?

    Channels are categorized into verticals like sports. So it is likely that you are adding this event to a specific channel. You could create a new channel that is targetted to our entertainment category and that should fix your issue.

    Let me know exactly what page you are trying to add the event to and also what channel you are selecting for the event upload and I can give you more specific instructions.

    Feel free to email me at marketing[at] if you don't want to publicly post your personal channel, etc.

    Thanks for getting in contact with us and sorry for your confusion.

    Live Matrix Team
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